Friday, May 18, 2012

A Hunnert Things (or More)

Inspired by a poem written by one of the Company Girls at Home Sanctuary,  I decided to make a list of 100 things that I needed to pick up and put away today. The 100+ thing pick-up challenge is motivated less by the thrill of work (ha!) and more by the possibility of winning an art print by my friend Rachel Anne Ridge.

My poem is based on actual items in my bedroom and upstairs hall that need to be--how shall I put it--relocated?   The contents of the linen/medicine closet were strewn about because of some spillage which resembles pillage in the village.

         A Hunnert Things or More

Don't judge me yet, wait till you're done
Reading this list of things I've  begun
To pick up, put away, and then count as a prize
(If I make it that far before my demise.)

White socks, red socks, a book called Soul Detox,
Twenty more pairs of assorted (not sorted) colored socks.
A defunct lamp, duffel bag, scrapbook papers galore
Tennis shoes, winter scarves, but wait! There's more!

Goodwill donations, shiny pennies, winter clothes,
A vacuum cleaner, kids' Bible, and holey pantyhose.
Photo frame, heating pad, a tower fan on the floor,
Notepads, kitty stationery, and two guitars near the door.

Little Visits with God (a copy well-worn)
I've had since I was little, or before I was even born.
DVDs, pearl earrings, silver necklaces on the night stands,
A box of tissues, pastel TUMS, and lotion for the hands.

Magazine called Wood & Steel, a basket full of cards,
Colored markers, calculator,  and --for good measure--glass shards.
Just kidding about the shards, but would you be surprised
To find X-rays in the hallway--Clavicle of  Little Guy's.

A 1979 prom stein (not that he's a user), a sports bra (not that I'm a user)
Sketch pad, trash bag, mints, and a blow dryer diffuser.
Brief case, contact case, Bandaids by the dozen,
Neck brace, arm sling, and a trash can to put fuzz in.

Plumber's tubing, flashlight, denim jeans and cardboards,
An amplifier, music stand, and thick black electric cords.
Sponge Bob tee, a 4th grade  Latin test,  and two 12-inch rulers.
Some photo albums and curricula from when we were homeschoolers.

Surge protector, washcloths, V-neck, and poker chips
Hand sanitizer, suitcase, throw rug, and some  hair clips.
No, this isn't Walmart, it just sounds like it could be.
You'll find a copy of The Help next to the kleenex is Aisle 3.

A baby blanket from 1988 (my boy's--who just celebrated his 24th)
A blue and white checkered British toy car-- made in China, of courth.
Winter coat, dog coat (in strands of gold on the "cahpet")
It's time to quit rhyming, so let me stop it, stop it, stop it!

For we all like to play--yes, yes, we do,
As least I speak for myself, and perhaps for you?
Can you find a Hunnert Things or more to pick up, put away
Or have you been reading this, shaking your head in dismay?

Please don't answer if your answer's the latter,
Just be my friend, and join me for some chatter.
I'll make the iced tea. Will you bring the lemon?
We'll chat about  what never ends--and that's the work of women!


Katharine said...

Lol- Great job!

Marti said...

You get my vote! Well said.

Janice C Johnson said...

Okay, I TOTALLY loved this! Your sneaky spelling changes to make words rhyme? You go, girl!

But my very most favorite line was before the poem even started:
"some spillage which resembles pillage in the village"
(I love internal rhyme!)

Anonymous said...

Great job...umm...looks like you're going to be busy for a while.

Joyce said...

I'd vote for you : )

So did you get it all picked up?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Gracious! You even created a poem out of it! Color me impressed!

Laurie said...

The only head-shaking happening is dismay about how fun and beautiful that was!
It was like a auditory "I Spy" book!

Zoanna said...

Laurie, you crack me up. I Spy way way too much. I have decided to tackle my room according to the order of this poem. Its the only way I can make it through sanely.

Susan Kane said...

Are you sure you weren't at my house? Excellent poem you found!