Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Memes,

Sometimes I wonder what I'd do without you. You give me focus and boundaries for my wandering
blog fodder that's in my head. Thanks! Besides that, I just plain like you.

Dear Blog Readers,

Thank you, also, for putting up with my steady flow of memes instead of "real" blogging when I don't have time for more thoughtful, original content. 

Dear Mother of the Preschool Girl in Front of Me at Carpool Drop-off this Morning,

Don't worry about lingering in front of my car to get your hug from your little pig-tailed daughter with the pink backpack.  I can wait. In fact, I want to wait, to live vicariously through you, as I no longer have anyone little enough getting out of my car and wanting a hug.  Oh, sure, I tell him I love him and ask if he needs help with his stuff. He says no, he doesn't, and of course would be mortified if I got out and hugged him. He is ten, after all, and getting a hug from his mom is just "not manly," he says. Not in public, I mean.

Dear Driver  in  REVERSE in front of Me in the parking lot,

What part of the "BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEP BEEeEEEEP!" do you not get when you are BACKING UP?  I mean, there's friendly and then there's FRIENDLY.  I don't know you, so let's just be friends, okay?  It works better when you leave some space between us, even if we  do become friends.  But thanks for saying "Oh, sorry, sorry!" so that I could hear you. We all make mistakes, but I really don't feel like swapping insurance info today. Or any day.

Dear Manly Son, I'm glad that even though you are in fifth grade, you still want me to hug you good morning before breakfast when it's just the two of us, you still enjoy telling me about your day after school, you still like for me to tuck you in at night and scratch your back.  And I like you when you call me Mommy.   I also enjoyed surveying you on some of your earliest memories today. I asked what song you remembered from when you were very little and you said, "Strinkle Wise."  Of course, we all know that's really "Strength Will Rise" (When We Wait Upon the Lord, Wait Upon the Lord). Now  I've got that tune stuck in my head, and a smile stuck on my face, which is good, considering I have this all this pre-company housework that I need strength for and don't usually smile about.

Dear Refrigerator, Would you mind just cleaning yourself out, wiping yourself down, and restocking yourself for once?  You sure take up a lot of space and just stand there doing nothing but shivering on an empty stomach.

Dear Pantry, Would you mind organizing your innerds for me and shutting your door automatically so the dogs can't find out that you spilled chips and almonds within their reach?

Dear Fall, I love the airs you put on. Go ahead and show off. Normally we don't think of "showing one's true colors" as a compliment, but in your case, we all gladly make exceptions. 

Dear Brother of my Hubby from Ohio and Sister of Mine from Arizona,  Of all 52 weeks in a year, you both decided to come visit us the very same week. What are the chances of that? I love it. We feel blessed to have our siblings come whenever they can. It's just funny, that's all, the timing. It always does us good to be with kinfolk who are helpful, funny, and are "dog people." I can't wait to give you nice, new mattresses to sleep on while you're here and do what you'd like to do in your "down time."

Dear Steve and Ambrey,  Now that I have your CD of engagement pictures, I am eager to blog that part of your ongoing love story. 

Dear Mothers of Grooms, I am considering doing the flowers myself for the wedding. Am I crazy? Can you offer me wisdom? The budget is too tight to hire a pro to do it all. I love flowers, but I also want to enjoy the day. Is it possible to be really involved AND enjoy one's child's wedding day?

Dear Housework, I am reconsidering the truth that only God is omnipresent. 



Carrie B said...

Great letters! And yes, I'm thinking you might be a tad crazy to do the flowers yourself but then again... what's new? Haha

All things are possible. ;)

Joyce said...

I love the idea of doing flowers myself but probably not for my own child's wedding. Course you've been through it before so you know what to expect. Your future dil has a pretty name : )

As long as the frig is cleaning and stocking itself ask it to also uload the bags from the car-ugh. I grocery shopped today and ran a million errands so loads of bags to haul in and out of the house.

Laurie said...

Please don't consider memes as not real blogging with thoughtful content! I think they actually require much thought and creativity as they give focus and boundaries! They provide a guide… and require a concentration that escapes me these days!

I'm not a Mother of a groom, but I have 2 cents which is just about what this opinion is worth!

First and foremost: Are you considering silk or real/fresh flowers? (Two different scenarios for sure!) Silk arrangements can be pre-made long before the wedding day which would give you time to get it right! Fresh flowers can be arranged and expected to stay fresh only a FEW DAYS before the wedding. Huge consideration. I don't know anything about cost comparison.
I arranged some fresh floral arrangements for my friend's son's wedding and almost made myself sick w/ floral fret! On the other hand, my Mom unexpectedly had to arrange my floral headpiece on my wedding day! We had specially ordered the headpiece, but when it came it was unacceptably not right! I panicked, but Mom (and her Mom) graciously got busy and saved the day (or at least the bride's image) by making a dainty headpiece from some pixie roses which were growing in her garden! Mom could have done all the arrangements, but she was probably stressed enough since the wedding was in her and Dad's backyard! I think you can be really involved and also enjoy the day, but when unexpected little things come up, as they may, it would be nice to be a little more hands free? YET, if you have a burning desire to do the floral arrangements-and I'm sure you could do a lovely job- then by all means do it!

Leanne said...

I'm with Laurie. If they want silk flowers, that might be doable since you could work on it over a period of time. Fresh flowers, while beautiful, might be a lot of stress in those last few days. How did you feel the few days before Ben's wedding? Could you have added the stress of flowers onto that? Just a thought.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Mother of the Groom is responsible for the flowers? Who knew! And here I was thanking God that our last one is a boy so all we have to pay for is the rehearsal dinner!

Did you see the link to the HUGE Blog Hops / Memes list in my sidebar? It's massive!

Zoanna said...

I am taking all of your input to heart. Sounds like the consensus is it's too much stress to do flowers myself. I've read that on a professional florist's blog, too. Refrigerating them was something I had not EVEN considered! I think the bride wants fresh flowers and who can blame her? She is very budget savvy and her tastes are simple and elegant.

Beth, traditionally the groom/his parents are to pay for the bride's bouquet, but in this day and age, there seem to be no rules of who pays for what. We are paying for the rehearsal dinner, yes, like we did for our other son, but there may be other ways to help that will not be refused! I happen to love flowers and working w/ them, but everything I read points to DIY IS CRAZY if you're a close family member w/ a lot of other stuff going on in the week before wedding.

Becoming a Morrison said...

Zo -

I did the flowers for my sisters wedding. It is a LOT of work. And success will depend upon the "hardiness" of the flower chosen. Ex. Roses last and can stand up to heat, while chrysanthemums are gorgeous, they bruise VERY easy and will quickly melt in heat if not properly watered during the prep period.

Also, we ordered my sisters roses from SAMS Club Online. It was $95.00 (including shipping) for 125 pink long stemmed roses, and they came out AMAZING. I think the picks are posted on my Pinterest board.

We followed the directions. They came on Thursday morning, they looked a little sad (expected) - my mom cut the bottoms and placed them into water ASAP. On Friday, we cut the bottoms again AND peeled off the whilted and bruised petals and de-thorned the ones for the Bride's bouquet. The rest went into vases for the tables.

They were BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Becoming a Morrison said...|All_Products|Bulk%20Floral

Link to the SAMSCLUB Bulk Floral

Also, I have a sams club membership, if decide to go that route.