Monday, November 11, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook seems like an efficient way to compose my meandering thoughts on this Veterans' Day. 


Outside my window... flies the American flag proudly on my front porch in honor and memory of people near and dear to my heart.  

I am thinking that my husband wouldn't be here, save for God sparing the life of his father who was an Army medic in World War II.  I tried a few different times to get Dad to talk about his experiences, but his standard line was, "Oh, girl, you don't wanna know." 

I am thankful... that God spared the lives of my Jewish ancestors who survived the same war at the hands of Adolph Hitler.

In the kitchen...  is a sparkling clean fridge filled with groceries fresh from the store this morning, a dishwasher running with 1/4 cup bleach along with regular detergent, to fight the mold that likes to build up inside, and the aroma of Beef Burgundy in the crock pot. 

I am wearing...a teal 3/4-length sleeve top, khaki pants, tan socks, black clogs, and an apron I've had for probably 25 years.  As I was cutting meat this morning, I was remembering my late father-in-law's generosity when we were poor newlyweds. He bought and carved red meat with excellence; back in his teens he'd been a butcher's apprentice.

I am creating...different things with fabric. Remember these? Most are now in blocks and strips, awaiting the shipment of batting from Amazon. 


I am be making some yummy meals this week:  Fettucini Alfredo, BBQ and Old Bay Drumsticks, Turkey Chili, Steak Fajitas, 
Chicken Stir-Fry, and of course tonight's Beef Burgundy. 

I am wondering...what it will be like to have Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday AFTER Thanksgiving this year. It's the only way to make sure we can have all the kids around our table, since we have to do that little thing called "share" them with their in-laws this year on "the" day.

I am reading... . and copying, verbatim.  the book of James.

I am hoping..the leaves linger on the trees.  I sure do love the brilliant golden hues that adorn the woods behind me.  But alas, as I type this, a leaf falls every few minutes, like a  brave but beaten comrade.

I am looking forward to... our anniversary, and pray that the weather cooperates so that we can get away. I'm thinking a cabin in North Carolina would be romantic, but I'd settle for a Sheraton in western Maryland. 

I am learning how to be just a helper using an often lousy curriculum in a public school. 

Around the really is time to admit that cold weather is here to stay. I must do the seasonal clothing-changeroo and I hate it. Hate the doing and the reason for doing .

I am pondering... the comments from my son's teacher at last week's parent-teacher conferences.  I spoke with three of the teachers,    His math teacher said, " He is really bright, but he needs to work on his handwriting--and not providing running commentary while I'm teaching."
Science teacher said, "He is so funny, and sometimes I tell him, "Joel, if that weren't so funny, you'd be in trouble."  His literature/Latin/Bible/history/homeroom teacher said, "He's gotten a lot of his gold stars for humor, and he's very organized and social, but he needs to grow in self-control."     

A favorite quote for today...Looking in the mirror at my hair before I brushed it this morning, I remembered a famous line from my then-five-year-old sister looking at my mom's teased-up-but-not-yet-styled hair. 
Rachel said, "Not bad for a witch." 

One of my favorite things... is pancakes. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: taking my 1950s Singer into the shop to be rewired so that I can use it safely; attending Bible study; trying a new small group at the church we now call "home."


April said...

Hi, Zoanna! You may recall that we rented a cabin in Bryson City, NC for our summer vacation. Truly, one of the best and most relaxing vacations we've ever been on. I highly recommend it! :)

Lea said...

Well, it sounds like Joel has definitely inheirited his Mom's humor. Also sounds like some good eating at your house this week. Hope you and Hubby do get to go off for your anniversary. Blessings for this week!

Susan Kane said...

Your fabric is so vibrant, so full of life--like the quilter herself.