Thursday, January 02, 2014

Longtime Friendship Table Runner

My friend Barb and I have been friends since the third grade when I lived in Kansas. 
She still lives there, and I'm on the East Coast, but we're in touch a few times a

This year I started quilting (in September) and decided to make her
a special Christmas present: a very long table runner for her very long oak dining room
table, to symbolize our very long and loyal friendship. 

(I called her hubby one evening  when she wasn't there, and asked him to measure the table. When he said 67 inches long, 
I knew there'd be a lot of squares to piece and a lot of threads to snip!)

Here it is on my table.  The runner ended up 12.5 x 48", I think. 

 This was the backing material which I just love, and makes the runner reversible. When spring comes, or if she simply needs a burst of  sunny yellow in the dead of winter, it's right here.

I quickly scrolled a note to her--the handwriting is my "hurry up, get to the post office!" style--explaining a bit of my thought process in the making of this piece.

We've been friends for 40 years, so some of the fabrics were "memory" type, like bicycles.

And here's how it looks on her table.  She loves it, and I'm go glad! I had a strong feeling she'd put a centerpiece of sunflowers atop it. 


Susan Kane said...

Lovely! And the backing is also lovely!

Lea said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gift for an "old" friend. Old friends are the very best kind. Know she was thrilled when she got it. Happy New Year to you!