Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pit Bull Attack Next Door

What I am about to write is true and graphic. If you can't handle that, turn away now.  I have to write it in hopes that maybe I find healing in my mind in the telling rather than in the surpressing of  it. 


It was about 8:20 Saturday night, just this past weekend.  My youngest son and I were coming home from Target. As I neared our driveway, my headlights illuminated a little dead animal--the neighbor's big orange cat, I thought.  I hit my brakes. Someone had hit that cat, I thought. How awful!

Neighbors stood in the shadows. One large man. my son noticed,  had a pit bull by the collar as the dog marched on his hind legs away from the scene.

 I looked at the  dead animal again. It was not a cat.  It was a dog!  It was Kiki, one of my next door neighbors' two little Chihuahuas.  I heard a lady screaming. Wailing. Sitting on the curb. Rocking back and forth, running her fingers wildly through her hair.

I maneuvered my car around and parked in my driveway.  "Call Dad, Joel! Hurry!" But my husband was already outside on the porch.

I opened my car door.  I heard the woman scream, "Oh, my God! He killed BOTH OF THEM!" He KILLED BOTH OF THEM! What am I going to do? Oh, my God!"

I hurried to her and put my arms around her. "What happened?"

At the same time, the large man I had seen walking the pit bull came toward us. "I'm so sorry, Oh, God. I'm sorry, ma'am. I accidentally left the gate open--"

"It was YOUR DOG?" the lady yelled. "YOUR DOG KILLED MY BABIES!"

"Can I call an ambulance?" he offered, seeing that she was nearly hyperventilating.

I bent down and held the woman, whom I'd never see up close before. "My grandchildren!" she cried."They loved those dogs. They cannot see them like this. Oh, help me. Pleeeeasee help me!"
I prayed aloud, "Dear Jesus, please have mercy. Please bring comfort."  That's all I could think to pray in the moment.

She turned to the open door of her house, pointing. "I had just had them in my lap. I got up and put them out to pee and all of a sudden, this DOG comes running from across the street!....." She gasped.

I still hadn't seen the smaller one, Chichi.  All I saw was Kiki in the road, her bloody bowels hanging out. Lifeless.

I took charge. To one neighbor man I said, "Can you please get a box or something? "  To another I said, "Can you call 911?" (They said someone already had. Cops were coming.)  To the lady I said, "Let's go inside and call Shawn."

  I held her as we walked across the lawn in the semi-darkness,  fearing she'd faint. As we approached the door, I looked down to her walkway. There lay the littler dog, the brindle puppy,  in a pool of blood.

"He got hold of the little one--Chichi-- and just--"--she shook' her head violently like the pit bull had."I grabbed a stick and beat that dog! But he wouldn''t let go! Then he went after Kiki. Oh, KeeeeeeKeeee! She was SO brave! I know she was trying to protect me. She barked and barked. Oh, God, they were so helpless! She fought for her life!"

To be continued


April said...

Oh, my goodness...how very tragic!

Carrie Bullock said...

Oh my gosh.

Annie B said...


Lea said...

I'm sure that lady will have nightmares for a long, long time and you too. How horribly sad!

Penny said...

How many times do scenes like this have to play out? Do being pro-pit mean you are anti-every other dog in the world? I am so sorry for the woman, and everyone else who had to witness this.

Susan Kane said...

Owners must take responsibility when their dog is a pit bull, or one known to be aggressive. I'd sue that man.

Sally Henry said...

Oh sweetie... as awful as this was (is!), I am so glad that God brought you to be there for your neighbor right at this time. And it sounds like the man who owns the pitbull was just as shocked and remorseful - no this isn't over with, and I will be praying for your whole neighborhood, for her sweet grand babies, and for her healing. Love you friend.