Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Remembering Mother's Day

Sometimes as a blogger who records the happenings of real family life, I get way behind in posting the events that linger in my mind and on my camera.

Now is one of those times.   So.. even though we are barreling headlong toward Father's Day, how about I back up the train to...

Mother's Day?

We celebrated the week after by gathering at a restaurant. My dear daughter-in-law Dee offered to host, but she and Ben have graciously hosted so many events that I wanted to give them a break.  My mom chose the restaurant, and she and I sat beside each other. The kids showered us with cards, gifts, flowers, and hugs.

The best part was everyone's company ,though, which always and forever will be.  You never know when this gathering might be the last one when you're all together.

At one point I just sat there in my seat, and realized I was basking with joy just looking at my children. And when I say "children," I include both daughters-in-law. I really do feel like I have three daughters and three sons now, and I love them all. So there I was, practically oblivious for a moment to the noisy restaurant, the glossy menu, the ginormous TVs about to televise the Preakness--an event which was so important to Mama that she chose such a restaurant.

My eyes were fixed on my large brood as they talked and laughed amongst themselves. I leaned close to Mama and said, "I just love my family! I can't help it, I could just look at them all day!"   She smiled broadly and nodded her head. "Me, too. It's just wonderful." And then she asked softly in my ear, "but aren't you glad you're not responsible to feed them every day now? "

Yes, indeedy!

I read my cards from the kids,  and she read hers. Is this the face of a blessed grandmother or what?

Despite the sincere smiles, there had been some serious talk between my parents and me about Mama's recent bad health report.  The doctor told her that two-thirds of her liver is dead, and the surgeon said that her abdominal hernia is inoperable at this time. My dad put it bluntly, "We need a miracle. Please pray with us for a miracle."  He said it with the voice I recognize as desperation under control, the voice of an 80-year-old man who has loved this woman for almost 54 years and can't bear to think of  a day without her.  My father has always said she is his everyday Valentine, that he is still on his honeymoon. She says that he is "the incarnation of Jesus to me.'

After some hard news, we watched good news literally race before our eyes:  American Pharaoh won the Preakness! He would go on also to win the Belmont Stakes to become our first Triple Crown Winner in three decades.

After our dinner, my parents went home, but the rest of us wandered into Vaccaro's, an Italian dessert shoppe, for some tasty cannoli. I lived in the moment and didn't snap a single photo there. But it was
a "very sweet" ending to a very sweet Mother's Day.


Susan Kane said...

So precious...That must be one Mother's Day that will be imprinted in your mind forever. God bless your folks.

April said...

Loved this, Zoanna! Sure sounds like your Mother's Day was one to remember for a long, long time.

Lea said...

Sweet day, sweet memories, sweet post!