Saturday, July 02, 2016

Bone Appetit

This is the first quilt I've made for Project Linus.  

The coordinator of the chapter near me says that the hospitals could use more boy quilts. Knowing that chemo rooms can be cold, I wanted my quilt to have a flannel back.  I knew I wanted puppies. 

I found this print online and snatched up 2 yards of it.  (After quilting, this is the back.)

I asked on a quilting forum if anyone could donate 6.5" puppy prints for me. 
Well, I was DELUGED by generous amounts. I have enough to make 201 more!
Narrowing the choices I was sent to turquoise, navy, tan, orange, black, white, grey, and red sure 
helped guide my choices.  

Originally I was going to do a simple sashing between blocks. But do I ever stick to original plans? No! They call me Queen Plan B for a reason. 

I played around with sashing (ie borders around blocks) and just had fun. 

I put in two of each print so the child who gets this can play Concentration. 

Most of the dogs are realistic looking, but there are some whimsically colored ones. 
Aren't they cute?

I decided to quilt a bone into each block using FMQ (free motion quilting). 

While making this quilt, I prayed for the boy who will receive it. (Could be a girl, but I'm hoping boy.)  I pictured him either  missing his own dog, or hoping for one when he's well.

I took these photos outside on my deck, with the quilt draped over my porch swing cover
which is turquoise.   It's not part of the quilt!

Bone Appetit!

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Ruth in California said...

Wow! This knocked my socks off just viewing photos of it on the computer - the little kid who gets this quilt is going to be over the moon. Thanks for pointing out the fun bone detail - I would have missed that!