Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year 2019 and Reviving my Blog

Oy. Two and a half years have come and gone since my last post in July of 2016.  I'm not so sure I made a conscious decision to stop blogging before, but it was more like a slow fade. 

They say the death of a blog is inconsistency. So will the new life of my blog be measured by the opposite? I hope I can regain some old readers who became friends (some of whom have been friends in real life). Of course I also hope new readers stop in and leave a comment.  We all know that if the arteries of a blog are the content, then the veins are the comments. A blogger needs both to sustain the life of a blog. 

Much has happened in my life and family in the past two and a half years, and I plan to chronicle some of it.  

But mostly I want a fresh start because the stuff of life happening now is pretty noteworthy, too, and I'd like to put it down in writing using more words than I attempt on Facebook. 

This week I'd like to share my word of the year. Stay tuned --I promise there will be pictures of the most important stuff, and maybe some trivial things, too .

Oh, and please, if you would be kind and say hello in the comments, I would be very grateful. I'm doubting my re-entry into the blogosphere and would love some reasurrance. Thanks, and I hope you have a meaningful 2019.


Joyce said...

Hello! So nice to see you back here and I look forward to reading along again!

Bobbi Morton said...

Niice share