Thursday, October 30, 2008

Walking Cliche' for Halloween

 I'm reposting  something I wrote a couple years ago. Halloween humor for everyone.

I finally decided what to be for Halloween: a walking cliche'. My only prop is a plastic foot, which I will put in my mouth.

You'll recognize me; I'll look perfectly normal.

I thought about getting a bunch of girlfriends together and go trick-or-treating as One Bad Essay. We'll all dress up like cliches.

A mom would only need one prop: eyes in the back of her head.

Another could strap a bunch of fake trees to herself. When
neighbors say, "Hi, how are you?" she could tell them we're
not out of the woods yet.

Still another could carry a rabbit on a pole over her head. It would
be a hare-raising experience.

If that's too much, we could simply dress up as various punctuation marks. I have one friend who is most certainly an exclamation point. A second friend, quite inquisitive, could go as the quintessential question mark. Me? I don't think anyone would want me around. After all, who likes a heavy period?


Rachel Anne said...

Please, PLEASE don't do this kind of thing to me, Zo! Now I'll spend all my time deciding if I should have a fork stuck in me or be a just dessert.

You're too much....should I email you or leave another comment when I decide what to be?

I think this would make an excellent Company Girl Friday party up tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, booo. Just dessert.

Leave another comment. Everyone'll love it.

I teach tomorrow. Should I link up tonight?

Leanne said...

Love it!

Amy said...

oh, Zo...LOL at that last sentence. you are TOO much! I sure would LOVE to go trick-or-treating with, my fellow grammar nut, are a woman after my own heart :)

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!

Rachel Anne said...

It's late, forgive me. but I wrestled with this all day, darn you!

Half Baked?

Feather Brained?

My least favorite cliche....At the End of the Day?

I think I'll be Glass Half Full.

Thanks for the fun invitation.

Forgetfulone said...

This was a fabulous post! I guess I need big ears, because my students tell me that I hear everything. But that's not a cliche' so let me think...

How about if I get a shirt that's coming apart at the seams?

What about a little race car glued to the wall? My husband is driving me up the wall.

I could carry a branch and make it look like I'm standing on it (going out on a limb).

I could wear a cast - give me a break!

I'm tired. I can't think of anymore, but this was fun.

Mommahen said...

Oh my...I love them all! Esp they eyes in the back of my head. My three little ones SWEAR I have them. One bad essay mad me laugh so hard I almost tore something. Thanks for a great start on next years costumes!

Anonymous said...

Love it. This is the kind of stuff that comes to me when I wake up in the middle of the night - must be more creative in that half-asleep state.