Monday, June 10, 2013

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Pantry of Red and Yellow Baskets

Today my friend Rachel over at Home Sanctuary posted the Small Thing for today: Empty a basket. 
Organize some sort of basket or bin that has become a catch-all.

Well, it just happened that, on my to-do list today, was to clean out my pantry and fridge, which are both full of bins and baskets. The foodstuffs therein were sending out an SOS.   Stale chips. Molasses puddles. Slivered almonds gone wild.  I feel a poem about popcorn and taco shells coming on, but I 
will squelch the urge. 

A few months ago I was inspired by pantry pictures at Delightful Order, particularly the ones showing her stored in uniform, labeled baskets.

I put my 11-year-old son to work. (He was surprisingly not grouchy to be working on his first Monday of summer vacation, but he mentioned it.)   He likes to organize and add his unique touch to things. This job was a case in point.  He said my labels were "kind of plain" and so he cut a few of them in what he calls a "schnazzy" way.  It's his favorite word: schnazzy.

COLD BREAKFAST: cereals, bars, peanut butter...

Decided maybe if I put my onions and potatoes at eye level instead of closer to my knees, they might not rot so fast. We shall see.  Thanks to a faulty gut, I need the GLUTEN FREE FLOURS and such.
HOT BREAKFAST: Pancake mix, grits, steel cut oats, syrup, molasses....

Okay, so not EVERYTHING gets a red or yellow basket. These were already labeled from a long time ago.

and a coffee grinder that just fit perfectly. 

There you have it.  
A tisket, a tasket, 
will the song leave your head
if you ask it? 

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