Thursday, May 01, 2014

Z is for Zoanna Marie

I had just finished the introduction to this post last night at around 10:00 when we lost power. It wasn't supposed to come back on for three more hours, and there was no way I was staying up just to make sure I posted on April 30th.

Unlike most other bloggers, it just so happens that my first name starts with  Z.  And it just so happens that my theme, "Daddy's words," includes a poem he wrote for my birthday in 2001.     If I remember correctly, he had stumbled upon the word pusillanimous, and was itching to use it.

  1. showing a lack of courage or determination; timid.

He wanted to describe me as the exact opposite of pusillanimous. At least, in most cases he's right about that.  Or else he sees me as braver than I see myself.

          Zoanna Marie

From young she was social, made friends in an instant
And found pleasure from chatting with all;
Yet her closet friends, she'll say in an instant,
Are her Lord and that fellow named Paul.

She taught her kids to spell and read,
And compete in sports with the best;
Whether soccer or Scrabble, tennis or chess,
She urged them to use their God-given zest.

Now I'd like to tell you he never knew mischief--
Never darted through graveyard on horseback;
Never mangled a bush jumping off neighbor's porch,
Or got grounded for giving us flack.

But then any is hurting she'll comfort with touch
And pray aloud that God may heal.
"Will I die?" asked an injured child.
"No," said Zo. "God will make you wholly well."

She defends our language, that language called English--
On her using it well we are unanimous.
And on matters of values she'll give her views--
None dare say she is pusillanimous.

Another birthday is now in her path--
She can't dodge it, deny it, or bust its chops.
She just takes it in stride, and seems not to mind it--
To all of her kin she is tops.

And that, my fellow A to Z participants and others, marks the end of this challenge. I'm zapped of energy. I've got zero, zilch, nada left to give after 26 letters. Congratulations to all who stuck it out.
We deserve a medal, or a ribbon, or chocolate. Something!


Lea said...

Yes, you deserve "all that and a bag of chips" my dear. It would be an overwhelming task to me, thus I've never participated thus far. But, if I did, I'd also go with some theme. Enjoyed your posts and now, go and enjoy your weekend!

Carrie Bullock said...

You did it! Good job!
Love the poem, super cute! :)

Sandy said...

That is precious.....truly made me smile. You and your Dad must have had a wonderful realtionship. KUDOS! I'm quite interested to learn how you ended up with your Dad's journal. I fear that means he's not with you physically...but am sure he's with you day in and day out in all you do. Gonna hit a few more of your posts tonight, and then need to reply to others, but I will be back.

Zoanna said...

Oh, my dad is alive and well!! As I explained in my first post for the challenge, I gave the journal to him on Christmas and asked him to fill in the pages and return it to me the next Christmas. Each month has a group if related topics,