Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers May Bring a Hodgepodge

April Showers...let's just say "showers" is an understatement here in my state.  April floods. April deluge. Maybe you can relate?

Anyway, let's jump into the Hodgepodge, shall we?

1. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Are you blooming where you're planted as we begin the month of May?

I think so.  In my home I've gotten a surge of energy to redo some things.
In my part-time job as a tutor I definitely feel like I'm in a beautiful garden brimming with the fragrance and color of learning. Spiritually I'm not quite blooming, but I feel the roots have gone deeper in Christ in the past two years and I feel ready to bear new fruit.

2. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no big deal, and 10 being full scale panic, rank your fear of spiders.

The size of the spider is directly proportional to the number on that scale.  Actually, my fear of imagining a spider to be where I can't quite see is frightening.  But generally if I see a spider I kill it if I'm alone. If my dragon slayer is around, he does the deed.

3. May is National Salad Month (who knew???)...besides lettuce, what are two must-have ingredients in your favorite salad?

tomatoes and cucumbers   OR tomatoes and bacon   OR tomatoes and cheese  OR tomatoes and croutons

My hubby hates tomatoes and so I can always count on getting his share as well as mine when we order salad in a restaurant.

4. I mentioned on my blog last week that my Daughter1 will be moving to Washington State after she is married. Of the following sites in the Northwest, which would you most like to see in person-Crater Lake (Oregon), Seattle (Washington), Vancouver (British Columbia), San Juan Islands (Washington),  Mt. Rainer (Washington) Oregon Coast (Oregon), Mt. St. Helens (Washington), or Olympic National Park (Washington)

I've never been to the Pacific Northwest, but I'd love to.  I think I'd start with the San Juan Islands.

5. This coming weekend marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby...when did you last race (literally or figuratively) to cross a finish line?

Literally I have not run a race since middle school.  Figuratively, today it felt I was in a race to get from my son's school at 9 am, to my daughter's school by 11:30, which included a stop at Home Depot and the florist for my daughter-in-law's birthday, then to her house for a surprise delivery, then back to the florist because I decided I really wanted to give my daughter a pick-me-up bouquet because she's overwhelmed. Then had lunch with her and a few kids, then tutored, then returned to my son's school because he became ill in the late afternoon. All this in POURING, FLOODING RAIN in two counties and a beltway. 

6. What is something little you love?

My baby niece. Pictures coming soon.  

7. Would you say you are more of a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? Elaborate.

Visual, definitely.  I have to see things written down. I like pictures, charts, graphs, and such.   I'm a flashcard queen.   But I tend to be a kinesthetic teacher--getting kids to hop while counting by twos, learning letters by writing in sand, playing review games that involve throwing things. I only remember things auditorially if they're put to music.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Our family welcomed a brand new baby today.  A little girl, long awaited, and she was born to my nephew Danny and his wife Lisa.  I can't wait to meet her! 


Joyce said...

I won't even mention how far behind I am in reading blogs. But hopeufully with the A-Z completed I'll get back to a better routine. Hopefully : ) Congrats on the newest family member! Babies are a blessing!

Sylvia Ney said...

What a beautiful blog - I'm so glad to find you! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.


Sandy said...

Spiders... really pretty afraid. Tried to follow you, but getting a message like I already am, in that it says join with other options like it does when I'm already a follower with friends connect.....but lookiing at your followers, I'm not finding myself?