Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning Medley

I'm feeling overwhelmed this morning. Logistics and emotions are colliding and I would prefer to shrink up into a ball with my face in the corner, sucking my thumb.

What's going on, you ask?  In no particular order:

1. My son's 13th birthday is finally able to happen tomorrow, no snow in the forecast. We've postponed this thing so many times, I thought he'd have his driver's license first.

2.  The fact that he's 13 is making me a little sad. I waited and prayed for him for 10 long years before he was born, and if you've ever waited to birth a child full-term that long, you understand that it feels like 100 years. But the past 13 years?  They feel like 13 days and yet my son is now taller than me and can't wait for his voice to change.

3. I'm having a house full of family over tomorrow, plus a dear friend of the family who is visiting from Birobidzhan.  Valeria lost her husband last April, to liver cancer, very quickly, and we loved him so much .  I will be sad to see her alone without Andrey.

4.  My friend Renee' continues to fight her own cancer battle. She's such a trooper, though. Would I be so strong if I were the one with the disease?

5.  The family that my daughter nannies for is precious to her and they are moving in a month, pending inspection on the house they just sold. Sarah loves those kiddoes, and so do I.   I'm sure tears will fall a few times from several eyes in the next month-six weeks.

6.  My daughter will be jobless. She is really seeking God on this, plus praying for marriage (the desire of her heart) and yet is not wasting her single years. She decided to delete her Facebook account in order to give what free time she has to God's Kingdom. What an inspiration she is to me!

7.  I'm trying two new recipes tomorrow, one for the vegetarians and one for the carnivores .  I hope all goes well.

8.  I could use prayer for peace. I feel overwhelmed. I said that, right?


Preeti said...

Please tell J that I wish him a very Happy Birthday. Sending prayers and hugs and lots of best wishes to you. I am sure you will have a great time with your family.

Zoanna said...

Thanks, Preeti. I'll tell him.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

It does seem you have mentioned the 13th b'day party a few times. I'm so glad it is finally getting to take place. 13 is a big b'day for sure, both for child and parent. :o))

Perhaps your daughter will be led back to teaching. I'm so sorry she had such a bad first experience.

And, it is so hard to watch our friends suffer. I've lost two dear friends in the last 3 years to cancer and it was awful.

Blessings to you during this overwhelming season.