Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Patriarchal Blessings

Jews have the bar mitzvah.
Catholics have the confirmation.
But Protestants? We lack a rite of passage ceremony for the 12-13 year old male.

So, in lieu of a church-wide acknowledgment and blessing, I invited my dad, my husband, and my two grown sons--all of whom are loyal followers of Jesus Christ--to bring a blessing to Joel's birthday party.

Just after eating cake and ice cream,my 80-year-old dad read these words that he had written:

To my grandson... this is my blessing;

May you continue to be true to your commitment to Jesus,  and faithful in keeping God's commandments.

May you always be:
         Eager to learn
         Wise in your decisions
         Pure in your thought life
         Fair in your judgments
         Clean and well kept in your grooming
         And honorable in your dealings with others.

Let others judge you not so much for your accomplishments as for your character.

Don't be envious of evil people,  and don't desire to be with them.
For their minds are occupied with violence, and they speak of making trouble. (Prov. 24:1)

I commend to you the Apostle Paul's words to Timothy:

     Here is a statement you can trust:
           If we have died with Him [Jesus]
                we will also live with Him;
           If we persevere,
                 we will also rule with Him.

          If we disown Him
          He will also disown us .
          If we are faithful,
          He remains faithful
          For He cannot disown Himself.  (II Tim 2:11-13)

Always know that I am proud of you and hold in high esteem.

This is my blessing to you on this 17th day of March, 2105.

Lyle. L. Dauber

--to be continued with other blessings from family members--

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Preeti Harris said...

This is so beautiful and so much more meaningful than a gift-card or a toy. I love this idea. May I add my blessing for your big 13-year old?
May you always have a sparkle in your eyes and joy in your heart.