Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Fragments with Smiles and Tears

Having a head full of fragments today (doesn't everyone, every day?) I'm joining Mrs. 4444 over at
Half-Past Kissin' Time for Friday Fragments. Please say a prayer for Mrs. 4444's cousin's daughter who suffered a spinal cord injury two weeks ago. Check her blog for details if you'd like to send a donation to Kailyn's care fund.

Frag 1:  The house we wanted to place an offer on went under contract before we could do so.  We (and our son and DIL who plan to rent from us) were disappointed. It was a very nice house in a great location. But we all trust there is a better one, or perhaps that this house will become available again.

Frag 2:  I celebrated my daughter's 26th birthday at her favorite pizza joint where she brought the kids she nannies.

Someone wanted the balloons for herself. Someone else kept his mouth stuffed with pizza.

Little  fingers were determined to pick the cherries off the chocolate cake before we could get take a picture.

A certain 4-year-old has pretty decent camera skills. She took this one of us: 

One more picture of the birthday girl and the one who 
reminds me how fun little girls are--and how
they grow up and move away all too soon.

Frag 3: Who can miss something as important as the fact that her daughter is moving in with her nanny family? They moved yesterday. I thought for sure she said she would be commuting so she would "have a life outside of work."  Imagine my shock and disappointment when she said, "I thought I told you I'd be saving so much in rent and gas if I lived with them till August?"     Well, if you did tell me, I don't remember. Either way, I'm sad. I understand, but I'm sad.  But at least you'll be close to Annapolis and that's a  cool place to visit in the summer.

Frag 4:  I'm going to an all-day women's retreat with my peeps tomorrow (my Bible study sisters) .  I really need it. I need a good soaking in prayer, testimonies, worship, and fellowship. Besides, the food is unbeatable; the lady in charge is a gourmet cook!

Frag 5: Our boy got to sleep on a US Coast Guard Cutter last night in the Inner Harbor. His small class went on a field trip for Living Classrooms. I can't wait to hear what it was like for him to sleep in the very tight quarters with his classmates. He was sure 10 PM was way too early for lights out. I'm sure it's not because he has no idea what 6 AM reveille feels like.

Frag 6: That same class also took in the Walters Art Gallery yesterday ,some sightseeing the in the Inner Harbor, a visit to UMBC this morning, and then they're all in the school play tonight!!! I'm exhausted just thinking about it. They'll be all tuckered out yet pumped with adrenaline for the play. My boy is on crew, so thankfully has no lines, just has to move quickly and quietly during scene changes. Someone's gonna sleep till noon tomorrow, I guarantee!


Lea said...

Know you will miss your daughter but I'm betting it will be a great learning experience for her. I hope living with them works out. Doesn't sound very appealing to me but then I'm an old woman. :o))

Have a great new week!

Anita Davis said...

What a wonderful time it appears you had at the birthday party. That picture the four year old took is fantastic!
Wow, I want to be in your boy's class! We never went anywhere that cool.

Preeti Harris said...

Love your hair and your necklace, but your smile is the best!!!