Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Medley

When there's too much going on for one focused post, my medley seems to come out on a Monday morning.   List-style.

1.  I wrote Part 1 of an Easter recap, but I don't think Part 2 will happen. Suffice it to say that we had a beautiful morning of worshiping our risen Savior at church, followed by a lunch of tacos at my oldest son's house. So relaxing just to keep things simple, let each other yawn, watch the brothers play in the backyard. We missed one third of the kids--courtesy of Italy. They weren't missing us, though. Pasta in Venice or tacos in Baltimore? Hmmmm....tough choice.

2.   Last week was spring break for my youngest. Only Monday was rain-free, so it didn't turn out like we'd hoped. However, I spent the entire week planning the remodel of our kitchen.  Planning looks like obsessing sometimes. 

3.  After working with designers at two different places, one choice emerged the winner. The designer at Home Depot reminded me of my dear friend Carol who passed away almost two years ago.  Her smile especially, but also her voice and inflections and calm spirit brought back memories. In a strange way, it was comforting to sit with her for that reason alone. But she also knew her stuff, inside and out.

                                                                   inspiration photo

4.  We chose maple cabinetry in a rather simple door style by Thomasville in a finish called Fox. I'll get a bigger pantry with roll-out drawers, five additional cabinets, a better lazy Susan, and a hidden trash can. (My dog would have vetoed that last choice; guess he'll just have to find alternate ways to annoy us get into trouble  entertain himself while we're gone.)

5.  My hubby will be the general contractor.  I get so excited thinking about it; before we got out of the car at Home Depot on Saturday, I squeezed his leg and said, "Kiss me, you hottie handyman. I love doing projects with you!"  He kissed me, rolled his eyes, got out and came around to open my door, and murmured something about never retiring at this rate. 

6.  We also obsessed over granite with stainless steel sink vs Corian with integrated sink.  Granite won.   More on that later. 

7.  In other news, the school play is two weeks away and I'm making two props for the director. She asked if I'd design a crude bow and arrow and headband for the lead actor, Red Chief.  I can do that, I said. Sounded easy enough.  My back yard has sticks aplenty, and we had spring break to work on the weaponry. But did I mention it rained all week? As in a mud pit. And that we had to make up our minds by Sunday (yesterday) on cabinets/counters to get the great deal? 

Anyway, the hard part is finding a branch that is already bowed, or somehow bowing it myself without breaking it. 

8.  On a scale of 1-10, how boring was this blog post? You don't have to be honest.  


Carrie Bullock said...

Ooooh I love a remodel! Even someone else's. :) Don't leave us hanging while you're in the middle of it, I want to see it step by step!
And not boring AT ALL!

Empty Nest Insider said...

The kitchen looks lovely in your inspiration photo. This should be a very exciting project for you and your hubby. Wishing you all the best!


Lea said...

Not boring at all. Now, we need before pictures, inbetween pictures and after pictures. I think you will be very happy with the granite. Mine should be going in in the next couple of weeks. Happy rest of the week!