Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Daybook Entry, 8.11.15

The Simple Woman's Daybook is linked here.  A very good way to let out a smattering of thoughts with a bit of cohesion.

FOR Tuesday, August 11

Outside my window… raindrops linger on the sliding glass door from the deluge we just had. It came and went in five minutes. Now the sun is shining again and all the trees are vivid green .

I am thinking… about my upcoming 50th birthday on August 26th.  

 I am thankful…for my hubby's hard work on remodeling both the kitchen and the half-bath this summer. They are both about 98% finished. 
In the kitchen… I'm heating up some homemade tortellini and meatball soup that I froze a few weeks ago. It's smelling really good, considering it's now 4:00 pm and all I've eaten today was a banana at 9:30. 

I am wearing…  a mint green V-neck tee and some khaki shorts.  And bright tangerine nail polish. That's what you really wanted to know, right? What color are YOUR nails today? 

I am creating… a red and white sampler quilt. Without a pattern--hence without math and measurements already done for me. Haven't I mentioned a time or two or 208 that math and I don't get along so well? This quilt could take longer than usual. Ahem. 

I am reading… the Bible--trying to ready four chapters a day. Why? Because a couple weeks ago we had a young guy and his girlfriend here selling us some meat (not Capital Meats, but the guy used to work for them and this company is much better). We're suckers for young entrepreneurs or anyone who really works hard for their money. Anyway ,the guy (early 20s) asked my husband if he'd ever read How to Win Friends and Influence People. My husband said yes. The guy replied, "I've heard that if you read that book three times, it will change your life."   I said, "Oh, really?  The same is true of the Bible."  He then began talking about when he was saved and how he should get back to church and start reading the Bible again. In the moment that I responded that the Bible would change his life,  the Holy Spirit prompted me to read it again (cover to cover) which is about four chapters a day. I need my life to be changed again . 

I am looking forward to…  seeing my Aunt Linda, hopefully this evening or tomorrow while she is still in town. It's been 20 years.

Around the house… half clean, half warehouse from tools and extra boxes of flooring and stuff that had to be moved during the remodel  .  I'm about up to "here" with the disarray in the living and dining rooms, so I try to hang out in the kitchen and family rooms on the other side of the house. 

A few plans for the rest of the week… two doctor appointments, a visit with my aunt, a difficult talk with someone, planting some flowers, selling some fabric, giving some away ,serving a meal to the homeless at a nearby church.
A peek into my day.... purging my sewing room. This is about 20% of what I'm trying to unload at the moment. 

Happy August! I have 15 more days of being 49.  Seems just yesterday I was 49 days away from being 15 and it was much more thrilling.  

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