Monday, August 17, 2015

Partial Kitchen Reveal; Vote for Curtain Fabric

We've been making a lot of decorating choices (and when I say "we" I mean me, because my hubby weighs in with his opinion, but leaves the final decision to me).

I thought I'd show my readers (all 3 of you) some recent choices in the kitchen.
Specifically, curtains that I want to make with new fabric. I'm on the hunt. Whatever I choose might also carry into the family room as it's one big open space.

A trip to JoAnn's gave me umpteen choices. I snapped several and sent them to my daughter as I shopped. She has good taste in decor.

Would you like to cast your vote?

First up: Neutrals.

 A.  Grey-green paisley

B.  Cities of the World

C.  Slim Botanical

D.  French floral

Oh, let me show you what the kitchen looks like, in part, in matters of color anyway. 

Brazilian Koa wood floors. 

Maple cabinets in Fox stain

                                              Granite with greys, creams, and copper in veining

Brushed nickel faucet, stainless steel sink

Now here are some choices for the prints with color: 

E.  Floral on black

F. Medallions on linen

                                                           G.  Foliage on dark sand

H. Coral on grey

I.  Bright fall 

J.  Bright spring

Pay no attention to the price tag. No way on earth would I spend sticker price 
for that fabric. These choices are just preliminary for the sake of 
color and pattern for my window treatments. (Just toppers as we need
the natural sunlight to flood that side of the house.) 


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm really loving that last one. Such a nice pop of color!

Carrie Bullock said...

My vote is either C or F. That said, they'll all pretty and I can see all of them in the space so I think it depends on what kind of 'feel' you're going for. :)

Susan Kane said...

I'd go for F, G, and H. Love color. So F may get tiresome after a while. G and H.

River said...

Your kitchen is rather dark with the wood floors and cabinets, so I'd go for something that will lighten up the room. Perhaps that last colour selection, or the pale background with the slim flowers,if either of those also works with the family room furnishings.

Preeti Harris said...

I like the bright fall the best, with peach/coral background. It will brighten up your kitchen.
Congratulations on the awesome work you both have put into this!!!

D&S said...

I love G and H - both are sophisticated and bring in some fun color!

Fred Richardson said...

I'm going with C. It feels less lazy, plus it looks like spices. It adds a lot to the ambiance of the kitchen, and complements the preparations and the cooking. The design also has a lot of white spaces, making the kitchen look a lot cleaner.

Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions