Sunday, October 25, 2015

Car Accident

Our daughter, who is now living in Florida, was in a four-car crash on Friday afternoon.
She was on her way home from work, driving on a major highway.  Traffic was moving normally.

Suddenly the Ford F150 truck in front of her slammed on his brakes.  She slammed on hers. Why would the truck stop so fast?  That truck was so big, she couldn't see in front of him.

She saw a bike lying on the side of the road but didn't realize it was involved.

Sarah was the fourth vehicle, the last one in the wreck. When a policeman arrived, he took quite a while gathering facts for his report. But when he finally came to her window after having talked to the first three drivers,  he told her that normally he'd be giving her a ticket (and all the others).

Thankfully, he said that would not be the case here. The first car had bikes hooked onto a rack in back. One of the bikes came loose and flew off. Hence, the fault was the driver of Car #1.

Our daughter is fine, thank God! It could have been so much worse.  Her 2005 Santa Fe is totaled, and she is feeling pain in her knees (they hit the dash) and her clavicle (from the seatbelt) and her right side (for reasons she has no idea why).  No doubt she will feel pain eventually in many places because of the nature of tensing up and being jolted.

I'm thankful she wasn't rear ended.
I'm thankful she wasn't at fault.
I'm thankful that the truck in front of her only sustained minor damage.
I'm thankful that the truck was larger than hers, so it probably protected her from anything flying toward her.
I'm thankful that the bike was not being ridden.
I'm thankful that the family she's living with are compassionate, understanding Christians. The husband came to her aid, and the wife took her out that night for a girls' night to decompress.

I'm thankful that she called me first when it happened. Unfortunately, I was in the tub and couldn't hear the answering machine. But to know that a grown-up child still wants to call her mama when she's hurt is very comforting.

I'm thankful she then called her dad at work,  and that he is an insurance expert. It helps that he's been 31 years in the biz. His knowledge and easy-going manner are reassuring.

I'm thankful that Sarah's vehicle was paid off.  Naturally she is upset that she has to replace it. It only had 93.000 miles on it, and she was planning a cross-country trip in the spring.  She is also nervous about buying a new vehicle without her dad able to be with her. (Can you tell she's a daddy's girl?)
But it will be good for her to trust God in this new experience. I've told her it'll be okay. She can trust that God will lead her to a good, affordable new (to her) car.

My baby girl is fine. And I can exhale.


Lea said...

I'm rejoicing with you and am betting the perfect "new" car will come her way.

River said...

So glad your girl is okay. Cars can be replaced. People can't.

Carrie Bullock said...

Oh my gosh, scary. It could have been worse so I'm glad that it wasn't. God is good! I hope she is not 'skiddish' with driving now. I know I was for a bit when someone hit me.

Preeti Harris said...

Oh no!!!
Although the whole incident is unpleasant, I love your attitude where you only focus on things that you are grateful for. And that is exactly (I believe) these incidents do for us - help us refocus on our blessings. Just like you!!!

Joyce said...

So glad your daughter is okay.

Michelle said...

Praise God! You must have been beside yourself. When things like this happen to those we love, it is a time for true thanksgiving.

Wilford said...

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's car accident. As the proud dad of a 26-year-old daughter, I can relate to how you feel. She was involved in a minor car accident during her late teens. My daughter experienced low back pain for a few days and recovered.

Wilford @ Samakow Law

Faith Brady said...

I was not even aware that if you were involved in an auto accident that you can not sue the other party over a certain amount if you didn't have that clause in your insurance. In New Jersey, I found out the hard way that by getting cheap insurance I actually waived the right to sue and it cost me hundreds of thousands.

Faith Brady @ KHunterLaw

Stephanie Waters said...

Car crashes are not only terrible; they are all too common in Florida. I can relate first handed. I’m not sure whether it is worse to be in one yourself, or to hear of your child being in one while far away however. It’s so important to be grateful for the positives in every situation and learn from the rest.