Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When you haven't quite done a 180 when it's the right thing to do, thank God for the 140 degrees He has moved your heart.

That's where I stand. On the 140 mark.


Laurie said...

Okay. Since we're in a circle and talkin about degrees, I'm thinking so often I turn full circle and am back to where I started instead of where I need to be! On a linear scale it's like 1 step forward and 2 steps back!
But I do thank God for moving my heart ever forward and around!
I'm just so forgetful! James 1:25
and 2 Peter 1:9!
(Sorry if I changed directions from your original thoughts!)

Rachelle said...

I was just thinking, why do people always say, in a positive way, that they have come "full circle". Does that mean that they are back where they started...? If so, then I never want to come full circle. I would like God to move me out of my circle and into his!

zz said...

Good thinking, ladies. I laugh when I hear people say they did a "360 and repented." Isn't repentance the military "about face". But, in truth, not even the children of Israel who had Moses in front of them with God overhead as cloud or fire every day could "walk a straight line," but at least God didn't let them return to where they started!
It was progress, and it was a journey, and they ended up where they'd been Promised, and so will ours be. Glory!