Friday, November 06, 2009

So instead of crying

I laughed really hard this morning.

I went in to wake Joel up for school, but thought to have a little fun with it rather than the same old/same mold way. Figured I'd make him think I had fallen asleep beside him and would start pretending to talk in my sleep.

Using a half-groggy, half-squeaky voice, I mumbled, "Elijah is smoking cigarettes and riding horses!"

Joel turned his head. "What are you talking about, Mom?"

I paused, eyes still closed, trying not to crack a smile while making up some other bizarre statement. He flipped his head back to the other side.

"What color is the pizza?" I asked.

He flipped back to me and said, "You are so weird, Mom!" This time I let out a full-out belly laugh.

Sarah came into the room and asked what was so funny.

Joel said, "Elijah is smoking horses!"

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Laurie said...

Fun stuff! I'm sure Joel appreciated the laughter!
(I've noticed our children sometimes seem equally boggled by our tears and laughter like they're not sure what to do with our emotions... Ever notice that? I suppose it's honest of them, since we're not sure what to make of our own emotions sometimes either!)