Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big Apple Trip, Part 2

This would be a trip involving multiple modes of transportation (mainly our feet), multiple bathroom stops for the moms, and multiple times when our leader, the sixth grade teacher (AKA Mr. B), would gather us together, do a head count, and then break into a huge smile when he'd say, "18! Yes! We've never lost anyone on a field trip."

First stop, Penn Station. I kept my camera tucked securely away.
Second stop, a bathroom for one of the moms. It wasn't me, honest!

So, we made our way through Penn Station, having issued the warnings to the kids to keep their electronics and money hidden, to stay close to their chaperons (ie mom or dad, since each student had one or more).

The day was beautiful. This overcast sky kept us comfortably cool for walking to our two main destinations of the day.

I saw our kids snapping photos left and right and thought how times had changed since I was their age. I would have had a Kodak Insta-matic with 24 exposures on it, or 36 since this was a special occasion.

Signs and sights to the left of this sidewalk reminded us of the damage brought to this area by Superstorm Sandy.  Lives and homes have been under reconstruction since that terrible event.

When you're twelve living two or three states away,  events like that seem like a long time ago in a land far, far away.

Aaaah.   The innocence of youth.

Next we boarded the ferry  that would take us to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty .
Funny how I had blocked out the memory of a ferry ride I once took
to Alcatraz Island.  Let's just say it felt like doing time.

I  tried to stay away from the edge of the boat so that my lunch would stay down. The pole had been my "base" to which I clung like a kid not wanting to be "it"in a game of tag.  Because "it" would not be pretty in my version of the game.

 But for a picture, I gave up my post because I wanted the flag and the harbor and part of the skyline in the background.  So I handed the camera to one of the gang and that was that.   Then I went back to my base.

I wasn't the only one on "base."  Here are two more bake sale moms trying not to toss their cookies.

Anyway, there was neither drama nor Dramamine on board, so hooray!

These silly girls pretended to be overcome with emotion upon seeing the Statue. 

So maybe there was a little drama. Hey, they're preteen girls. And this is New York. 
What do you expect? 

Next stop: Ellis Island, where there is a bathroom that doesn't rock.


April said...

I think pre-teen girls are a walk in the park when compared to the real deal...teenagers! YIKES! I love reading about your adventure...keep it coming!

Susan Kane said...

I have been told by a seasoned sailor, "There are two types of people on a ship: one who has thrown up, and one who will throw up."
Truth, for I was both those people.

Terri D. said...

So brave. You are all so brave! Those kids will remember that trip forever! Love the photos. There are pressure points on the wrist that can help with motion sickness!!

Sally Henry said...

Ahhh - the days of trying to guess how many pictures you would take so you didn't run out of film, or have half a roll left... and then when you got your pictures back, only to discover that they didn't come out the way you want. Say what you will about technology - I love digital photography!

Lea said...

Wow! what an impressive class field trip! If you got motion sick on that then you had better steer clear of ever going on a cruise. :o))

Happy weekend!

Joyce said...

I don't do ferries : )

Preeti Harris said...

I will have to remember that - Bake Sale Mom (getting ready to toss her cookies). You are funny :-) and I love it!!!