Friday, June 27, 2014

Luzonu for Breakfast is the Best, Mss. Z

For all of the difficulties that led to my daughter's choosing to resign from teaching this year, 
a few things make us smile. 

One is always the creative spelling from little kids.  

This first grade assignment was to tell about their favorite birthday celebration. 
They had to have a "first, next, and finally" sequence in their writing. 

I walked around checking their work, grinning mostly. 
My favorite was one written about lasagna by a Vietnamese boy.

I need this kid's mom's recipe for "luzonu". 

On the back, he had written, "Finally for diner I got luzonu a gen. It was a grate britday."


I got to be in the classroom almost every Thursday, volunteering to help with phonics, reading, and writing, and sometimes math. Invariably someone would draw a picture or write me a note.   Here's one of the last I received.

They called my daughter "Ms.  Z."  I guess because I have more years on her,  the logical way to spell my married title is to is to add more S's.

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