Saturday, June 28, 2014

NYC, Part 3: Mystical Transport and other Impressions

 So, as I was saying...

we took this field trip to NYC with my son's sixth grade class--a very small class from a very small school.

One of the most memorable things we experienced was the absolutely beautiful, sensational  opera singer filling the subway station with her voice. I think it was undoubtedly the most mesmerizing, glorious sound I've ever heard. And I didn't understand one word of it. I was just enthralled. We all stopped to stare and listen, like snakes being charmed by  a flute.

Look closely and you'll see her standing alone in the third "frame" from the right.

The subway platform being her stage, she'd take large steps,  first stage right, then stage left, slowly, dramatically. Acoustics in a subway rival Carnegie Hall, no doubt.

Funny how the most memorable sights are not really sights at all. 
They go much deeper into your memory than anything visual. 

Music is a form of transportation all its own. 
Like the cars that take miners deep into the earth in search of coal or diamonds, music can carry our souls into places where treasures lie, 
mysteriously hidden below the surface.

But then there are the quintessential sights 
that leave impressions on our minds. 

One impression I had was that Lady Liberty has mighty masculine arms. 

 Another impression, tested in real time by yours truly: 

Trash cans on ferries are not the answer to the question "What can I hold on to?"

because the answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.

Better to have a strong travel companion at your side. 

Better to have a strong travel companion at your side.  Preferably one with masculine arms. 

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Sally Henry said...

Oh wow - how awesome was it for God to give you your own private concert, and in a subway station nonetheless! Love how He surprises you! (And I love the pic of your and your masculine-armed-rock!)