Friday, August 08, 2014

And a happy birthday to our son

Our third-born turned 23 years old today. I paid tribute to him on Facebook so I won't do it here again.
I wish we were celebrating together, but he and his wife had a friends party at their place, and then 
they have plans that take up the whole weekend.


I saw him briefly when he swung by yesterday to pick up some stuff.  Got my hug, told him I'm glad
he's mine and no one else's son. I'm a bit jealous that way. Don't want anyone but me to be his mom.

And then I shoved some birthday money in his hand. He smiles pretty big when money is flashed.

I'm deep-down happy to be the mother of this grown up young man. Nothing feels as good as knowing you've raised a person who is happy, bright, well-adjusted, productive, mature, loving, generous and--most of all--who has a deep love for Jesus Christ and is living his faith with passion.

And if he's also one of the funniest people you've ever known? Bonus. 

Wait. That kind of sounded like a tribute, didn't it? Oh, well. Can't help myself. He's a pretty special fella. 

      With his grandparents (my parents) on Father's Day. 

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April said...

Happy Birthday to your boy, Zoanna!