Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Minutiae

Good morning. It's Monday, and I'm inundated by minutia.  I like that word--"minutia."

Here's what i found at Merriam-Webster about it:

Definition of MINUTIA

:  a minute or minor detail —usually used in plural

Origin of MINUTIA

Latin minutiae trifles, details, from plural of minutiasmallness, from minutus
First Known Use: 1782

Rhymes with MINUTIA

Rhymes with Yakutia? Really?  In case you're wondering who, where, or what Yakutia is, some am I, but I'm not going to look it up. I'll just add it to my list of minutiae. (That's not a typo; with the "e" on the end, the word is made plural in Latin.)


1.  Did you see the chemo quilt I made for my friend Renee?  If not, here it is. She is holding it the day before treatment started. And yes, she colored her hair very bright pink
and got it cut short and sassy. She's a ball of personality. 

2.   Our oldest son (26)  broke his leg on Saturday at a bachelor party weekend. He was playing paintball. He was about to jump from one bunker to another, when his foot planted in a ditch and he heard a pop.    This happened two hours away in Delaware, and he didn't call his wife for several hours. He texted her when he was en route to the hospital like it was no big deal.  (His Aunt Linda is a nurse and he was in good hands.) Thankfully, it was a clean break of the fibula near the ankle and he isn't in much pain.  And he isn't in the wedding; he was just invited to the party for the fun of it. 

3.   I've lost 13 pounds since Easter, and finally feel that I'm in control of food rather than the other way around.  I attribute the success to God for freeing me of the stronghold of eating for comfort. If you don't understand that concept of emotional eating, it's okay. Thank Him that you don't. I also believe that Weight Watchers is an excellent program once a person has determined to lose weight for the right reasons. Accountability is key, and there's something about attaching a dollar amount to the weigh-in that really helps me. I am also a big proponent of walking for exercise--both physical and mental. My goal is to lose 15 by my birthday (two weeks away).  Can I do it? 


Carrie Bullock said...

I did see the quilt! It's fabulous! If I were going through something as stressful such as chemo I would totally love a quilt made with love from a special friend.
I love all the projects you create for your family and friends!
YOU are amazing!

Preeti Harris said...

Renee's smile says it all. I hope the quilt provides her all the warmth and comfort she needs as she goes through this trying time. I am rooting for her too. Hugs!!!