Monday, August 11, 2014

Monogram Pillow, Envelope Style, in 8 Easy Steps

One of my hubby's nephews will be getting married soon. I'm 99.9% sure that he and his fiancee' 
don't read my blog (few family members do) so I think I can safely 
show the inspiration for a pillow set I'm making for them.

Here's the fabric I bought to coordinate with their bedding.

 I made a monogrammed pillow and gave it at their shower.

Here's the front.  It's 16x16" square.

The 8 Easy Steps: 

1.  I watched a youtube tutorial by Crafty Gemini on how to make an envelope pillow.
2.  I made it more complicated by making a custom design (variation on log cabin quilt block, really).
3. I cut the pieces according to my design.
4.  I machine-appliqued the chocolate letter Z on with a zigzag stitch and smoky blue thread.
5. I sewed on the top and bottom smoky blue pieces, then the sides.
6.  I attached the white border in like fashion. Every bride needs some white in her linens, right?
7.  I added the focus fabric to frame it.
8.  I finished the back according to the Crafty Gemini tutorial. 

 I am in love with this fabric--"Flutter", by Alex Andersen.

When the other pillows are finished entirely, I'll show them.

  In fact, my daughter said she loves the fabric and could "decorate a whole house in it."

Hint, hint, perhaps?

So that's one more project that took some time in late July to deliver in early August.

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April said...

Very impressive, Zoanna! They're going to love it...who wouldn't?