Thursday, September 04, 2014

A Boat + A Lake + Tubing = Fun

We took a vacation across many miles in August, and it was so worth it.  Just the three of us--my husband, my youngest son, and I.   My husband's oldest brother has a boat and he took us out to Brookville Lake in Indiana.

Tony drove the boat. Pat sat in the back and held her head down, hand on her bandana, not enjoying her maiden voyage on this new boat. The water was rough, the skies overcast, wind a bit whippy, and the temperature in the mid-70s.

Not ideal weather, but it was our only chance for the weekend we were there.

And my soul has been yearning for a boat ride on a lake for a few years.

(Gotta love boat hair.) 

Paul and Joel spent almost all their time tubing together on a huge 6 foot 8" tube.


What a fun father-son bonding time, hanging on for dear life.  Or just cruising along in the wake.

Meanwhile, Pat and I took turns worrying about all the people on jet skis.  And about whether Tony could see the boats in front of us when the bow of  our  boat was pointing skyward.

He could.
He assured  me this wasn't his first rodeo.
Or boating trip.

I guess my ideal boating trip includes maybe just three boats, the Coast Guard, and zero jet skis on a huge, placid lake.  Nonetheless, my soul eventually settled down while we made the memory that my son dubbed "the best day of the whole summer."  And, I think, mine as well.


April said...

I love going boat riding and tubing on the water! We, usually, go to my mother-in-law's house on the lake every summer, but we just couldn't work it in this time around. Glad y'all had such a fun time!

Preeti said...

I went tubing once, over 10 years ago. It was great fun. May be I should look for tubing places nearby. Your boat hair rocks...