Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Letters in Flight Mode

I'm linking up today over at The Sweet Season to do Friday's Letters, although it looks like Ashley hasn't posted for today. She has some beautiful wedding photos on there for anyone who would like to gawk from afar.

Dear Bloggy Friends, I'm sorry to have gone AWOL for so long.  It's been a combination of reasons for which I've not written.

Dear quilting hobby, you've become more of an obsession, a great source of happiness. Moreso than writing for the past couple of months. Not that you'll ever take the place of writing because you two are separate and noninterchangeable expressions of creativity.

Dear Husband and Children, thank you so, so, so, so much for giving me the gift of airfare and time away --a whole week--to go visit Barb, my dear friend of 40 years.  To have a friend that long and to keep close in heart is a cherished gift. Getting to spend time face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball, is a rare treat for us. She wanted more than anything to ring in her 50th year by having me come visit.  You made it possible and I'm so very grateful.  I will be celebrating that I am NOT 50 yet and oh, how I love to rub it in her sweet, smiling face!

Dear Airplane, I board you tomorrow.  Yay!  Goodbye, BWI, hello Wichita!

Dear Suitcases, I fear I don't know how to not stuff you like a belly on Thanksgiving.

Dear Need, apparently I don't understand your definition when it comes to packing.  Do I really need tennis shoes, flip-flops, wedges, AND shooties? Do I really need to accessorize?  Do I really need both silky sleeveless PJ's and long cotton pants with long sleeves? You tell ME. I might not listen, but I'll hear.

Dear Laurie, I am so looking forward to seeing you again.  How the Lord made our paths cross via the internet and then via the roads to your home in Kansas was quite a pleasure. He's in the business of blessing us like that, isn't He?

Dear Uncle Norman, it will do my heart good to see you again. As my dad's oldest and only brother, did you know that you've always been a hero to him? Every time he talks about you, it's how talented you are, how you saved his life in a  sledding accident where he landed in a pond.  Oh, yes, It's a Wonderful Life has the same plot, and you guys lived it in that moment. I hope you still have your red '66 Mustang convertible. I want another ride around town!

Dear Clock, once again you keep on tickin', regardless.  You wait for no one. And so, I must obey the hands that spin round and round, reminding me that in less than 22 hours, I will--if the Lord wills--stepping from the terra firma of Maryland to the skies over  the heartland of America. Oh, how I love to fly. The feeling of soaring through the clouds makes me feel closer to God. And knowing that if the plane should crash, I will be in His presence without suffering first. What could be better?

Dear Bloggy Friends,  another note to you: I do still visit your blogs, although if I am on my iPad, it's been a challenge to comment if I have to edit my comments for any reason. I am impatient when it comes to glitches. I seem to hit glitches moreso with that gizmo than on my laptop. Do know that I haven't forsaken you.

And please let me know it's mutual.  A little comment love keeps me keepin' on here!

Dear Family, let me end with saying I love you very, very much.  You mean more to me than you'll ever know. I pray for you daily that you would experience God's presence, His peace, His joy, His comfort--whatever you need.


Susan Kane said...

Sounds like a lovely visiting time is ahead!
I have had a lot of flying experience, most of it miserable. In your carry-on: have a complete change of clothes (light-weight) and all the meds, etc. you need. Do not walk use flipflops as shoes of choice on the air-plane. Sandals are good. A friend of mine had to race through the airport when the gate changed in flip flops.
Have a whole mind-full of ideas, but that would work me up into a rant!
Have a marvelously great time!

Carrie B said...

Have a fabulous visit time!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

So enjoyed your letters, such fun to write these.

I hope you have an absolutely awesome time with your friend this week. What a special time!

Safe travels and can't wait to hear all about it.

Unknown said...

Ooh, I do so hope you are having a wonderful time!!

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