Monday, January 19, 2015

My "101 in 1001" List Update

 Wow, is it ever hard to believe that I'm just a little more than 3 months away from my 1001st day of a "101 in 1001" list I started in  August of 2012. Inspired by Joyce who was inspired by someone else (her daughter, maybe? I forget), this list is sort of a bucket list, and sort of a New Year's resolution list.   The main differences, as I see it, are that it's longer than a year's worth of goals, and shorter than a lifetime's worth.   About a 2.25 year's worth of "things I'd really like to do." 

Here is the list I made way back when, in no particular order.  The red cross-outs were completed as of last April 28.  Today I will cross out and comment in blue. 
1. Sponsor a new child Joel's age (8/15/12, Marcos)
2. Pack boxes for Samaritan's Purse at a packing facility at Christmas
(Tweaked this one by packing 9 boxes with our small group, assembly line style, praying over the boxes when we worked on them.  I decided that making doll quilts  for Samaritan's Purse was more rewarding (or just as rewarding as going to a packing facility.)
3. Make empanadas    This accomplished desire  fit nicely into son's 7th grade geography presentation of Uruguay. We made them together and they were a big hit with the whole class. 
4. Learn watercolor
5. Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art
6. See NYC    went with son's 6th grade class  in June 2014
7. Lose 2 dress sizes by June 1, 2013 (as of 8/15, down 5 lbs), 3 sizes by Jan 1, 2014) and 80 lbs total by 4/28/15) Went back up 5 by Oct 1, but went off gluten Oct 1 and lost 10 lbs that month.  Eh...I've kept one dress size off.
8. Sand off faux finish in the master bathroom
9 Strip wallpaper from master bathroom
10. Give away 27 things a month 12 times (2x in Aug '12) (27x2 bags Nov '12, 1 in Dec 12, 1 in Jan, 1 in Feb, 1 in March, 2x in April, 1 in May) lost track but gave away 9 bags in Jan 2015
11. See S&A get married  GREAT DAY JUNE 22, 2014
12. Find a good chiropractor and have at least 6 adjustments
13. Read a book on classical education
14. Visit friends in KS again  Barb, Laurie, Vi, Uncle Norman and Aunt Ida Mary   October 2014
15. Make a trip out west
16. Give blood
17. Talk with my folks about their will and final arrangements :(
18. Get 200K miles out of van  Van made it to 152,XXX  January 2014
19. Write 3x to female soldiers
20. Join a nursing home ministry visited n. home w/ school kids May 2013
21. Teach more art camps at home
22. Host 3 game nights with friends
23. Get my hair cut by Mario (8/25/12) not worth the cost
24. Find a new church home  (been attending the same one since Dec; not sure it's home)  Settled into one we call home w/o having officially joined yet
25. Sell the Victorian organ
26. Replace all carpet in LR, hall, and BRs
27. Get new mattresses for the boys
28. Make a guest room when SG moves out   doubles as sewing room
29. Make a hobby room when S moves out  -- S's old   room is now J's room; J's old room is now guitar room
30. Write a song
31. Send 24 greeting cards (Christmas doesn't count) (12 to date)  lost count, I'll estimate 20 to date

32. Design a set of 4 songbird greeting cards (1 chickadee 8/5/12)
33. Paint flowers A to Z
34. Give Daddy my first landscape painting (for his birthday ,Nov 2012)
35. Choose the new mailboxk  (installed 4/26/13)
36. Design the remodel of the kitchen
37. Walk 26.2 miles a month 3x
38. Ride a horse
39. Test drive an Audi A6 or A8  (tested and bought A4)
40. Host international students for an American holiday
41. Have a personal or mini-retreat w/ praying friend(s)  (4/27/13)
42. Troll around in a boat on a lake
43. Get piano tuned
44. Learn to draw 3 animals well (horse, bird, golden retriever)
45. Brush up on my Russian  GIVEN UP: see no purpose
46. Visit TX and NM relatives   
47. Read a biography of a martyr
48. Get my tooth implant done
49. Start Joel's school memento book and do up thru grade 5
50. Develop the rest of my old film
51. Do J's baby scrapbook 
52. Buy B&D's wedding photos
53. Frame and hang wedding photos
54. Take a drawing class (10 weeks, fall '12)
55. Read Battlefield of the Mind
56. Help S set up her new classroom (8/7/12)
57. Serve my three friends who have MS in a meaningful-to-them way
Wow. Reading this took my breath. One of my three friends, Carol, passed away  in July 2014. Her husband assures me she knew I loved her and helped her practically and emotionally and spiritually.  Another friend was uplifted by my visit. The third was helped with yardwork by my strong firstborn. 58. Make a pie crust from scratch
59. Sew two new family room pillows  (one for me, one for DIL)
60. Fast from the computer on Sundays, at least 7 times
61. Teach Reilly a new trick (play hide-n-seek with tennis balls I hide in house, per Andrea, 10/12)
62. Get zoom lens repaired  had to replace it 
63. Make Christmas stockings for everyone (made 4 thus far: B,D,St,A ...12/12; made S's 2014)
64. Clean out one drawer a month (kitchen junk 1/14/13, FR 2/13, SG's 3/13, DR 4/13)
65. Sell, give away, or repurpose old entertainment center
66. Organize all important phone numbers and addresses (11/1/12)
67. Play the hammered dulcimer 
68. Have a mega-cooking party to serve singles and/or the sick (Mama, post-op, Sept 2012)
69. Get mammogram again
70. Serve a military family in a practical way 
71. Go on a school field trip **Franklin Institute, Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit
72. Shop for master bath fixtures w/ hubby   summer 2014 complete.I really need to post the bathroom reveal. .As soon as I make the new curtains, I will. 
73. Take an elderly or non-driving person to the polls to vote in Nov (offered, none needed)
74. Take a Chinese cooking class w/ hubby from his cheffy friend
This is upcoming in Feb--Asian glazed salmon, not by his cheffy friend but a personal chef our daughter hired (as a Christmas gift) 75. Make an Indian dish
76. Host a birthday party for a friend
77. Learn Pachelbel's Canon in D Major on piano---  started, but I'm so rusty
78. Read through the Bible chronologically
79. Keep a prayer journal with columns (Request, Date, Answer) (ongoing)
80. Attend a horse show, race, or other event  Planning on the Kentucky Derby with my sister this year!
81. Host a ladies' brunch   Helped at church's Christmas Tea 2014
82. Make a baby quilt  Made 9 for charity, 3 for Jordan, lap quilt for Renee',
83. Make curtains for basement in Ravens colors
84. Watch an old home video with the kids
85. Watch Ben's wedding video for the first time
86. Have a conference call w/ my 3 sisters at least 3x
87. Sell the Saab  May 18, 2013
88. Visit Savannah, GA
89. Meet a blogging friend for 1st time in person
90. Exchange 2-3 hours of cleaning for someone Revising this to say "give someone  hours of cleaning , not an exchange because she's too sick.
91. Do a Daniel diet (10 days in a row meatless)  Jan 2013
92Complete a women's Bible study with a group   Feb 2013
93. Thank a good employee in front of his or her manager
94. Repaint wicker porch furniture  changed white to red, fall 2014
95. Learn to make sushi
96. Do something scary (face one of my big fears) Packed an evacuation bag . Oct 29 for Hurricane Sandy . 
97. Attend a professional performance of the Nutcracker (not professional, but saw it for first time 12/12)
98. Apply for tutoring job at local college (writing lab) OR be hired by school for art  (revised; got tutoring job, but not at college)
99. Encourage hubby to have Manhood Weekend with the boy for "that talk" on his 11th b'day  encouraged, yes, didn't happen on 11th or 12th b'day.  Hoping 13th they'll get away together (next month)
100. Do deep purge of the basement storage area (see #96) summer 2014 but needs more still
101. Hold an Ebenezer dinner to recount answered prayers in the last 6 months

I've completed 42 out of 101.
While I really thought I'd have more accomplished than that by now, I wonder what would have happened without the list to guide and encourage me?  I should have printed it out and kept it more visible. Many of the things left have to do with organizing photos--my nemesis. I love photos, but I am easily overwhelmed by the choices, and also am not sure why I delay watching wedding videos. It's not for lack of time or desire. What could it be? 
At any rate, by God's grace, I will complete at least 51 by the time my "term limit"of 1001 days has ended. 


Carrie Bullock said...

Yikes ... this makes me think I have to go back and check my own out.... I'm worried. haha
You did good!

April said...

Wow...great job on your list, Zoanna! I'm totally impressed!

Susan Kane said...

That is a very long list! I am impressed that you have accomplished that many out of 100. The stripping wallpaper would be last on my list.

Joyce said...

I haven't done as many as I'd have liked, but I can see where I was a little overly ambitious and impractical in some of my goals. Still, I loved this and will make a new list when mine expires in April. I haven't done everything, but I have done something. And I think I've been more mindful of some things than I would have been had I not written them down. Congrats on all you've checked off!