Monday, May 07, 2007

Last Call

I plan to make this the LAST WEEK I ASK FOR FUNDS for RUSSIA. We are within $1000 dollars of our goal to do this debt-free! That's $1000 BEFORE airline tickets to JFK, unless Paul decides to drive us up there instead. I dunno. Don't want him to mess with NY traffic if he doesn't want to; I just want to have him near another 4 hours!

My hope is to have all the money we need by May 14th ( a week from today). For timing purposes ($4598 due to GAin back on April 23rd) we put it on the credit card. That was in addition to the $1600 due back on April 6th.) The cc bill comes due the 16th; hence my desire to bank the funds on the 14th. Besides, our church is heading in the direction of getting a new parking lot (YaY! Finally! Sarah sprained her ankles over the winter stepping off the curb onto loose rocks!) So our congregants are encouraged to generously put their money where their car (and heels!) go every Sunday , and maybe Monday-Friday, or sometimes Saturday). I wholeheartedly believe in tithing and giving generously to the local church first. Therefore I want to close my mouth in the next week about what "me and mine" still need.

Second, but related to the first:

1) If you are so inclined --or know of someone inclined--to give to us and as yet have not, we are gladly accepting donations in any amount. None too small or too great. (Okay, over $1300 would be too great, unless you want to toss in money for little toys and gifts, bottled water, and souvenirs!)

2) I have the following for sale, if you would like to buy them:
a. Century stroller, denim with hood, single stroller, w/ big basket underneath. Five years old, good shape.
b. A lot of fabric Mostly cotton. If interested, I have a few pictures of it cuz it was on eBAy.
c. Sewing machine in cabinet.
d. Set of dishes with an apple theme. It's 43 pieces total. By Casuals.
e. Signed print of a ballerina wistfully holding a pair of toe shoes
f. Creative Memories scrapbook supplies--LOTS of stickers, paper, idea books, page protectors, templates, and more.
g. Homeschool books. If you need a certain title, ask. I may have it after 14 years of collecting, particularly if it's Tapestry.
h. Banana Republic capris, off white, size 12.
i. Toddler boy clothes, mostly 4T and 6.
j. Brio train set. 30+ pcs. compatible w/ Thomas the Tank Engine
k. Antique tin toys
l. Jones New York ladies XL top, hot pink, stretchy, wide scoop neck

I"M ALSO WILLING TO MAKE A WREATH ( personality, memory, summer, etc) if you can front the money and I'll send it to you in July .

I'm willing to mail everything if you pay for shipping (you long distance gals). Everything except the stroller and dishes, that is. OH, and the sewing machine. Yeh, me and it ain't goin' nowhere together.

Most importantly, please pray again for this final week of our fundraising. I've seen amazing things lately! People we don't even know giving big bucks!

We will then be heading down the homestretch, but I still have to help Sarah and Stephen make last-minutes travel plans for their class missions trip to Boston (June 3-10) plan a graduation ceremony and dinner, have relatives in from Texas and Nevada, try to plant some flowers including a cutting garden this year ,and find some happy curriculum for my soon-to-be KINDERGARTENER while helping my older kids find college scholarships!
Whew, boy .Lots goin' on.

Let me know if you're interested in donating, buying, and/or praying!


Amy said...

can you email me, or post, details about the scrapbooking supplies? thanks :)

Zoanna said...

Sure, I'll email you. Thanks!