Monday, February 16, 2009

Funnie from Co-op (A Rerun)

Scrolling through old posts, I came across this one I thought a few of you would enjoy again (or for the first time). I was teaching art in a homeschool art class. My students were very young and quite adorable. I loved what came out of their mouths (most of the time). Here's a sample from last April:

Today I was teaching some more drawing lessons to my kindergarten, first-, and second-graders.

I started each class by asking what tips they remembered that I've taught them in previous classes.

"Don't hold it like this," one boy said, with the sharp point in his palm.

"That's right," I said.

"And don't get it near your eyes," said another boy.

"Oh, no, never," I agreed.

"And don't use the tips to poke someone else," said a third boy.

I was wondering why no one had said things like, "Relax your arm," "Use light strokes," or "Draw what you see, not what you think you see."

"Tips can be dangerous," he said, tapping his index finger on the sharp end of the pencil.

I burst out laughing. "Oh, you guys! That's funny. You thought I meant tips of pencils. I meant what suggestions have you learned from me?" (I almost said pointers, but that wouldn't have helped one bit straighten out the confusion!

Ah, precision in language. I sometimes forget how literal children can be in their thinking.

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