Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scaling Back

Reviewing the list of the previous post, I am shaking my head. What was I thinking? I was thinking what I always think: I have boundless time, energy, and resources.

The lady whose posted these wonderful ideas (from a website I found) did preface with the fact that they spent 11 months planning their 5-year-old's birthday party. Yeh, that's not happening. If I plan a party for more than 11 days I go into a frenzy for nine of them and then go catatonic with fear for the remaining two. Giving myself just a week forces me to scale back, remember who it's about, and ask, "Will he remember all these details and who does it matter to anyway and are you trying to bless or impress?"

I want Joel to have a happy birthday, and I know my boy: what makes him happy is having a few buddies around running, building with Legos, maybe drawing (he prefers a quiet room for that, actually) and having some fun food to eat. I've bought some Darth Vader paper masks for each boy--the only choice in Star Wars guys. (Joel said about the store, "Don't they know there's other characters?")

Pizza,pretzel rods and a cake? Sounds like a plan.

I might even buy a cake this year. Every time I make a cake I find myself saying, "Next year I won't do this. I won't spend eighteen hours on something that's gonna be gone in 18 seconds." And yet...

Who knows. Anyway, thank ya'll for your input. Please pray that I will use wisdom and be at peace with simplicity and not get a case of the Mom Guilts that come from putting expectations on myself that my children don't have or sinfully comparing myself to the women who seem to make everything look fun, creative, easy, and altogether amazing. Pray I can enjoy my Valentine (the one I married) on a date this evening (we avoid the actual day that brings uncomfortably large crowds to restaurants). For the past six years,it's been a priority quandary for me, having a Valentine birthday boy to celebrate and a marriage as well, especially since my boy and I care WAY more about February 14th than my husband does. I grew up loving Valentine's Day because of how special my dad made it for Mama and all his girls. To this day, my Daddy can hardly wait to hand out (or mail out) our chocolates and cards. Because of him, Joel's middle name is my father's, and I will always have high hopes and fond memories of the day.


Marie said...

Another EASY cake idea is to bake (or buy) a plain decorated cake and put little figures on it. The kids love it but it's sooo easy. Also, FYI, the stores have discontinued the star wars cakes. (We did the above mentioned for TJ this year)

Laurie Lynn said...

I just read a wise woman’s post!!! I say, “Hooray!” I get up from my chair and whoop because I have a feeling this is a little difficult for you; the living within your means in all aspects; "resources, time and energy", and letting go some of the trappings of those wretched expectations. “Let it go, Zo!” is my cheer!
And as you let go I pray you’ll be freed up to enjoy more, stress less and truly bask and rest in God’s gifts.
Remember what you know to be true (I can so relate!)
“If I plan a party for more than 11days I go into a frenzy for nine of them and then go catatonic with fear for the remaining two.”
Don’t give in to guilt!!
Look that little boy and his Dad in the eyes and know they’d much rather have an at peace Mom/Wife than a “crazy woman” trying to live up to some unreasonable expectations!
Deep Breaths! Resolution. Pom Poms up! “Let it Go, Zo!”

Terri said...

Go Girl! Now you will be able to truely enjoy the birthday boy and his party. We all are guilty of placing to much on our platters at different times in our lives. Mine is at Christmas. I have learned to scale back and now can enjoy the true meaning of the season.Happy Valentines Day!