Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okay, so I'm Breaking My Blog Fast...for good reason

I need help and thought maybe some of you could lend ideas.
I'm planning a Lego Star Wars party for Joel. It's this Sunday. I've found some fun ideas online.

What I want to do is have the boys make their own lightsaber upon arrival. (My thinking: Taking the time to make weapons minimizes the time spent actually using them. This is a sanity move on my part.) For these I need cardboard mailing tubes and construction paper.

Qu. 1: Anyone know where I can get the tubes really cheap (or free?) and soon?
Qu. 2: Anyone have a huge piece of black fabric I could drape over Paul's head and body to make him Darth Vader? At the end of the party I want him to say to Joel, 'I am your FAAATHER" and have the kids pose with him and Joel. The pictures would go out in thank-you cards (in my ideal world).
Qu: Anyone have the Star Wars theme on CD?
Qu: Anyone want to decorate pretzel rods w/ green icing for me? (edible lightsabers)
Qu: Anyone want to bake two 13x9 cakes, one chocolate, one vanilla? I'm going to freeze them, then cut each into 3 strips to make a really long lightsaber cake (again, an online creative find, not my brain at work).
Qu: Anyone know where I can get (preferably big) silver sticker stars real cheap? I'm gonna stick them onto dollar store black plastic tablecloths and hang around the room, galaxy-like.
Qu: Has anyone regretted giving their son a real , battery-operated, noise-making lightsaber as a gift?
Qu: Anyone know who carried Star Wars folders real cheap ? (My theme is "cheap" if you haven't noticed). I want to photocopy coloring sheets of various SW characters and enclose them in the folder with a goody bag of candy.
Qu: Anyone want to decorate said cake above?
Qu: Anyone volunteer to clean my house , before and afterwards?
Qu: Any other cool ideas floating around in your creative head?


Laurie Lynn said...

I am not sure the cost of a battery powered light saber, but I have a feeling it would pay for itself in a short time by the fun gained.
Sounds like a great party theme!
Yummm. Love the pretzel lightsaber idea. The photo of "Darth Vader".
Great! Star Wars Music! Oh yeah!
Wow! I sense some storm of the brain!
Remember it's the getting together that counts! Even if every little detail is not in line, which used to frustrate me more than it does now, still a fun time is had by all because there is a good reason to celebrate! Have fun!

Leanne said...

Hey aside, would you like to get together sometime? Feel like I haven't talked to you in a while.

Terri said...

this sounds like a great party! Wish i could be there to join in. Keep us posted on the fun.

Libby said...

Zo, I am SURE you can download the theme song on iTunes for $0.99!