Monday, April 20, 2009

My Sunny (Daughtery?) Blog Spot

Here's where I blog, at my daughter's desk. She has such a cool, comfy, hip room. She designed and decorated it herself. I love to be in here (much to her chagrin at times). I am so going to miss her when she goes away for two months this summer.

Her birthday is this coming Wednesday. She wants me to do some art for her room in chalk pastels.
Hmm...any ideas? Want to see pictures of her new closet? She knows how to organize and make a closet look so cool you don't want to shut the doors. And so they're always open!


Laurie Lynn said...

I like the bright colors! It is always interesting to see blog spots!
Hmmm. No great ideas for art subjects. What does she like? Does she have a favorite Bible verse, animal, flower etc.? That could be a theme or place to bounce ideas from.
Sure, let's see pics of her closet! Want a contrast picture? I may know where to get one! ; )
My dream is one such closet. When we designed our house we were going to go "doorless" in the master closet area. I had visions of a neat and tidy magazine ad perfectly organized closet, but I got realistic and hung pretty curtains on rods. Okay, I have to be intentional about closing the curtains, but I do like the option and usually need the option! (Have you ever noticed that some of those ads for great closets have very little in them or 5 of the same shirt?) So unrealistic! I mean have you seen any with body massaging mats or paper bags full of old cassette tapes the person can't seem to part with?
Happy Birthday to Sarah on Wednesday!

zo said...

Laurie Lynn, I have had the same observations about the magazine ad closets. I'm saying, "What WOMAN has five identical white oxfords except maybe a banquet waitress?" I'm lucky to have five identical hangers.

And pray tell, does this closet owner have ANY shoeboxes stuffed with old construction paper cards that say, "I love you, Mommy"? Or home haircutting kits or treasured journals or a bridal veil?

Sarah likes: Bible verses, good quotes, daisies, children, organization, "her" car (ahem MY convertible I let her drive:), bright colors of cobalt, lime, and deep purple, likes to bake, is taking up guitar, loves her friends, enjoys writing, reading, and teaching preschoolers the best.

Ashleigh said...

Yes, I'd actually love to see her closet. They are always so hard to organize and I'm up for ideas.

Laurie Lynn said...

Okay, so my idea from Sarah's likes are to design and draw a convertible with a guitar in the back (neck up) and from the exhaust pipe, have a verse or quote floating out like exhaust and intermingle the verse with small daisies and maybe musical notes.
Or put the verse on the side of the car and decorate the car "VW LoveBug" style. (As a matter of fact, I don't think I'd get too "wrapped around the axle" about making the car exactly like your/hers ;) at all. The car becomes the "vehicle" for the art design idea!)
Or you could go with a book theme and draw some books and out of the books floating words of a favorite quote or verse.
You could also do a word art/wall word border idea, more straight line design or calligraphy-ish.
That's the best I can do! And I couldn't DO it at all really! I'm one of those "scared to draw" types! I love art and I'm so impressed that others can do! (Our oldest daughter, a lefty, and her dad are the artists in the family!)

zz said...

LL--what an "exhaust-ive" list of ideas. Your "wheels" were really turning. I like your concepts. Before I read your second comment, though, I had started my project and so did Joel. One these "day-sies" I'll reveal the finished product(s?). You'll have to stay "tuned" to see what we "strung" together to wish Sarah a happy word-day.

Bethany said...

Can she come here for 2 months this summer? My closets need some help. ;)

Laurie Lynn said...

You are funny and punny!
You "sparked my plugs"!
I might even say you're a "gas"!
You definitely "ignited" some fun!