Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Everyone knows what a Post-it note is. We are probably all too familiar with the tendency to get a bunch of them scattered hither and yon in an attempt to remember this, that, and th'other throughout the day.

Well, since I have a bunch of TTTs (this, that, and th'others) on my mind, I will write one post instead of a bunch of "postettes" today.

Here goes:

Postette 1: Tea and crumpets, Uncle Nigel and the Merchant Marines, India and citrus. Who knew where the If You Give a Lamb a Lemon story would go? I have perfectly loved reading of the serious case of wanderlust in a warm wooly. Thank you, Terri, Kelly, and Krista, for your imaginative contributions. Anyone want to start a new If You book?

Postette 2: I plan to teach a lesson on painting in the style of Georgia O'Keefe two weeks from yesterday. I need flower and landscape pictures from magazines and/or calendars, specifically large close-up shots of flowers. (Please, no roses; they're tough enough for me to draw, let alone little artists.) If you want, you can hand them to me in church or--to be quite archaic about it--stick them in the mail. I have 12 students and would like at least 12 samples for them to choose from. Since the pictures get slopped up, I won't be returning them. Might even trash them.

Postette 3: My current Bible study book will end in just over a week at the rate I'm going. What are you studying now and would you recommend it to me? I am definitely a Beth Moore fan, and to a slightly lesser degree, Kay Arthur. I also always enjoy Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Postette 4: What do you think are the top 3 things someone should know about US geography by the end of sixth grade?

Postette 5: I'm ready to completely redecorate my house. I am bored, bored, bored with all of it.
Have you ever taken everything off the walls (when you weren't in the process of moving) in order to view naked walls? Naturally I don't have the time, vision, or moolah to create all the change I want (and want NOW!) but a girl can dream, and that I do often.


Laurie Lynn said...

1. It was fun!
2. I love O'Keefe's lovely work!
Great subject matter! Magazines (sometimes free) at thrift stores and cheap art books at thrift stores is my suggestion.
3. I'm not studying from an author just now. I'm trying to memorize Psalm 25 (slow going for me)also reading through Acts and watching Vision Forum's History of the World as a family.
4. Names and Locations of Continents, Countries/Capitals and Bodies of Water. (Maybe they are way past this knowledge?)
5. No, but it's a great idea and so very often less is best. I sometimes dream of the Bare, but Beautiful Shaker style and the Minimalist Contemporary Look!

I'm just rambling, not helping much! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading "Whiter Than Snow" by Paul David Tripp. Creative and heart engaging, for sure!

zz said...

Danielle, is that a Bible study?

Laurie, good idea about finding art books at thrift stores. That hadn't occured to me. Sometimes there's a big "duh" on my brain. However, I do need disposable samples for some lessons. Even page protectors get messed up.