Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tweaking and Tweeting

Once again I'm changing things up with my blog. Got tired of the pens picture, though it was appropriate. I am craving coral in my life (see post below) so I thought I'd get it via a place a visit often.

I don't have the patience at the moment to wade through the code instructions. I'm trying to get it back to a 3-column page where I can view my blogroll w/o having to scroll down. I wish that stuff came as easily to me as typing.

Until then, tweet tweet.


Laurie Lynn said...

I like the tweeting tweaks!

Kelly said...

I love it! Keep this one!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the layout! Very fresh and springy!

Joe said...

Tweeking can be tedious.

The three column will be nice.