Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ready for More Snow, but Eager for Spring

Hunkering down this weekend, I think. Snow is predicted in feet, not inches. I have groceries, medicine, bottled water, games, books, clean clothes, hats....oh, but no waterproof gloves for Joel. He has cloth, but not vinyl ones that fit.

I went to Target today for food and gloves (along with 40,001 other women who were "looking well to the ways of their households" so they could "smile at the future"). Target was sold out of boys' gloves.

Church is being delayed to 2pm if we get snow, but I am fairly certain we won't be able to get up our hill even if we can get out of our driveway. Will there be a Superbowl party at our friends' house?

I love snow, but not to drive in and not to be in, quite honestly. Makes lovely pictures and for some romance, but I am just about ready for spring. One more good snow and I'm eager to see crocuses push up through the dirt under the flowering plum tree out front. This isn't a complaint. I'm thankful for all the beauty of snow, that we've never had a power outage, that we've had the means to buy plenty of food, that we have helpful neighbors who are willing to take chocolate chip cookies as payment for snowblowing our driveway, and for a host of other things. I'm just saying it's not the season that I like to see last a long time. That's all.


Karen said...

Well, I can speak on the superbowl party. that will go on regardless of weather. It is just a matter of whether or not guests aer going to hazzard their way to Jarrettsville! :)

Rachelle said...

We are predicted for another storm too, to hit Sunday PM/Monday, of course our snow won't be in feet. Had another storm this week that brought about 5 more inches of snow! You northerners probably think we southerners are ridiculous, thinking we have BIG snow storms...:-) When we get a lot of snow Clyde had to get out the tractor and blade our 1/2 mile of dirt road to the hwy; sometimes the drifts are 5-6 feet high! Today I am thankful because the sun is shining!
Hope you get to go to the superbowl party!