Saturday, February 06, 2010

Taking Flight

Perhaps it's because we're snowed in and have found out that BWI is closed until Monday, but I am feeling very homebound. I've been having urges to fly to distant lands.

My spirit is longing to take flight, not just my mind. To worlds unknown, to places I've never explored but only imagined through the power of books and pictures and others' experiences.

I sometimes wonder if my wanderlust and my longing for heaven come across as discontentment with my present life. Well, sometimes I do long for escape for the sake of escape. But I think, down deep, God gave me the heart of a foreign missionary because I don't crave the tourist spots; I want to work with orphans and share the gospel with old people like I did in Russia. I'm really wrestling with staying put and viewing my own home and workplace as mission fields.

Yet, I've been encouraged this week while thinking about mission work in the home. How grateful I am that I've gotten old enough to see that the seeds I sowed as a young mom have grown and reproduced through the ministries my adult children are involved in. That is very comforting. I did wonder when I was in my early 20s if my work mattered, if reading Bible stories and singing scripture songs with my own children could possibly compare with "going global."

Thank You, Lord. I see now. And my heart takes flight with joy.


Rachelle said...

I too wonder sometimes if I need to be doing and going more for the kingdom. In a sense it is a feeling of being home bound;due to the fact that we live so far from a larger social circle and community. I have to remind myself that God has put me here, now and my mission field is my family and small community. I'm encourage to know that someday I will see the fruits of what I have planted in my children...with a good dose of grace!:)

Laurie said...

God works EVERYWHERE and uses us in globally mobile AND locally stationary missions whether in the home or abroad!
Oh to be willing!