Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting Over with a New Doggie

Rachel Anne's encouraging blog, Home Sanctuary, keeps me going back and back for more, while going forward or to get me back on track after
a swerve.

All positive directions. Today she has us starting over, in a matter of speaking. The idea is that starting over can be a positive thing as well, and the open-endedness of her question led me to post this. What am I starting over with?

The search for a new dog. Today marks one week since we lost Molly, our 10-year-old Golden Retriever. Part of me thinks there will never, ever be a dog so good in all the world. But even if there's not, there are thousands needing someone to love them, and boy-oh-boy, do I feel the need to love one back. Dog people understand.

But I don't need anyone to understand. I need a dog.

And I've been online hunting for another good dog, praying as I go.

We know we want a medium-sized, gentle, intelligent breed. Not a yapper. Not a climber. Not a chewer. Not a puppy. Probably female. Most likely a rescue dog who's been fostered so we get someone else's close-up observations of behavior and temperament. But then there's a possibility we might get a mutt handed to us, or a purebred Golden.

At any rate, we're starting over. And we're eager to meet our new arrival as soon as God wills. But first, I'll be starting over with a new (or at least altered body) and give myself time to heal up before chasing a wiggly, waggly pooch around the house.

It's exciting, and yet a walk of faith. And sometimes while walking in faith, you step in a pile of doo-doo. Such as this I am prepared for.


Karen said...

I just sent you an email with a possibility of a new doggie.

Beth said...

I'm sad to hear about your doggie loss, because I know how that feels, but I'm excited about the prospect of your new one. Our new dog (from the Humane Society, my favorite place ever) is literally incredible and so cuddly. Hope you find her soon.

One More Equals Four said...

Good luck finding just the right doggie. I was getting ready to offer you mine until I read you wanted a non climber, non yapper, medium sized dog. If you ever change your mind I have a hyper active beagle/rat terrier mix that would love a home where she is a little more appreciated! :) Blessings!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

It is good to start over...even if mingled with grief at times...and sometimes we need encouragement to do it (because there is grief.) So sorry to hear about your pet loss.

Rachelle said...

Praying for you as your surgery day gets closer. Can't wait to hear the news when you find your new dog!

Anonymous said...

Hope you find a dog that is a good fit for you.