Monday, January 31, 2011

Muchos Gracias Monday: The Big 8

I just felt like being somewhat original instead of "Multitude Monday." (Since I borrow prompts all the time.)

My spirits have been lifted quite a bit since my last post. God brought many smiles my way in the form of people, places, and things. The big 8 highlights of the weekend:

1. Saturday: Steve's girlfriend's mom, Cheryl, told him that she wanted to come over for a visit on Sunday to meet me, and wanted to know what she could bring me or do for me? I was so excited to have a visitor, so honored that someone wanted to come meet me in my weak condition. Normally I want to be the "up and doing" hostess when I meet someone for the first time! But I have learned to let that desire go, for the greater good.

2. I wanted to go to church mostly to be at Jimmy's ordination, but I wasn't up to it physically yet. (Parking lots, steps, crowds bumping, standing, sitting.) But I sure did want to see or hear from someone from church, specifically a pastor or pastor's wife. What are the chances of that on a Sunday morning when you're at home? Well, with God all things are possible. Marilyn called at 9:15 a.m. to see how I was doing and to pray with me over the phone. Blessed my mismatched socks off!

3. Had the stamina to take a shower, do some reading, tidy up a bit (having to just let some things on the floor stay there cuz too much bending is counterproductive to healing). But I felt a tiny sense of accomplishment!

4. After church Cheryl called and introduced herself and said she wanted to do whatever I wanted to do special. What was it ? I said, "See the outside world and drive through Dunkins for coffee! Is that okay?" (Because I was sorely, emphasis on sorely, tempted to drive myself!) Just having someone ask, "What special thing can I do for you?" means so much to a "shut-in" whose got a lot of dream-time on her hands.

5. Stephen led me by the arm to the car. Despite my jeans, sweatshirt, and snow boots, I felt like I was in a wedding. Cheryl said, "Steve is always such a gentleman." I love hearing that. Ben's girlfriend's mom says the same about Ben, and it does my heart good.

Steve and Ambrey filed into the back of Cheryl's Toyota, and off we went. Trees down everywhere from the snowstorms. (Sarah had said, "They're down left and right," and Paul quipped, "No, just on the left." And he calls ME corny!)

6. Cheesecake! Cheryl not only brought the car, but she had been on Facebook, secretly stalking me (as Ambrey calls it) and brought over a Cheesecake Factory plain, NY style cheesecake to have with our coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

7 . A reacher. Have you see the reacher? Cheryl's forte is occupational therapy, and so it's no wonder she brought such a practical gift. I can now pick up that fallen bracelet, that piece of lettuce that dropped off the counter, the lightweight plastic cup from a high shelf, the candle lighter. That is, if I can wrench it away from Joel who saw it as a cool gun. It doesn't help to have a reacher in the basement when I'm on the first level, now does it?

8. Good conversation with plenty of laughs. We sat at the table, loving our cheesecake and hot drinks, chit-chatting away about skydiving, insurance, golden retrievers (Cheryl's family has one named Holly), scrapbooking, mission trip fundraiser ideas, allergies, and Chick Fil-A employee etiquette. (Employees are trained to say "My pleasure" instead of "You're welcome" or anything else like that.) Well, Steve told the story of how, when he was new there, he handed two gay guys their order. The guys said "thanks" and Steve replied, "You're--my pleasure."


Danielle said...

Aw, that's so cool about Marilyn calling and praying for you!

marie said...

great post. glad to see God's kindness to you through friend, old and new :) laughed out loud about steve's comment. poor guy.