Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is For I Can't Write Another Word

Folks, this A to Z Challenge is really whoopin' me! The theme of legacy which I've chosen is quite thought-provoking, and sometimes I think, "Oh, I should've just chosen 'random' as my topic so I could talk about insomnia or insurrection or immaturity today. I do have plenty of stories of immaturity from real life this week from a boy who may be leaving a legacy of exasperation to his teacher, principal, and parents, but I will save that for another day. You know things to be funnier later anyway; he'd better hope so because methinks his marshmallow mayhem was no laughing matter.

The truth is, I am actually writing this post at 12:48 EST on Thursday, April 6, and have already written my E post from Wednesday, my F post for today, my G post for Saturday, and will be taking Sunday off with the rest of you while visiting family for Easter. On Monday when the H post is coming due, I plan to be making memories with relatives. Tuesday we'll be driving for eight hours and that's my "I" post day. Perhaps I will wax eloquent about my husband's legacy. It would be titled "I is for I Don't Know Why My Wife Drinks Coffee To Stay Awake but then Falls Asleep Until Her Bladder Wakes Her Up in the Middle of I-Don't-Know-Where-We-Are but There's Not Another Rest Area for 832 more Miles."

You don't want to know the subtitle.

All that to say this: if you don't see a post on Monday or Tuesday, it's because I had to pack and not write another word. Suitcases don't pack themselves, sorry to say. But what I'm not sorry to say is I'll be out leaving my own legacy somewhere, somehow, for good or for ill, doing something I love to do: Zojourning. With coffee and lots of rest stops.


PS There was one woman named Inez who left a legacy of love in me when I was in preschool. I wrote about her a while back. If you want to read (or reread) that post, click here. I can't think of another person whose name started with the letter I who has left a legacy like Miss Inie.


Anonymous said...

Well aren't you the organized one. I still haven't figured out how to set posts automatically. Enjoy your trip.

Joyce said...

I feel like I'm racing to catch up as well. Hoping today is the day I get one post ahead. But I also have to answer the HP questions today. I'm still not fully recovered from the time change and am beginning to wonder if the fog will ever lift.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, even with a few of your peeps missing.

Laurie said...

Zojourning is challenge enough!
Take care and many stops for rest and less pressure!
Grace to you!

Brenda said...

You still managed to peak our interest with your wonderful and humorous communicating skills!