Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for a Melange of M Words

Today is getting away from me. I have a legacy post in my head for my mother-in-law Marcella (God rest her soul) but am not sure I can do it justice with the mushy membrane--a mysterious malaise I have--between my ears today. Maybe by the morrow I can manage.

I have miles to go before I return to blogland, but this is my M post for today, just in case, because I like to play by the rules. I prefer to make up my own rules (most mere mortals do), but it just might be that I have to make room for other matters in the next several hours, including picking up a matching pair of end tables I bought for the main room this morning for only half the moolah the merchant was asking. Merry moments mean moving miscellany and, I hope, not matrimonial mayhem!


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

That's a whole buncha "M"s...good job

MTeacress said...

Haha! I like the way you did this post. Nice to Meet you on this A-Z challenge. Have a good weekend. :)

Joyce said...

Matrimonial mayhem and moving furniture go hand in hand : )