Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meal Plan for Two Weeks

I've been intending to be a bit more creative in the kitchen, and so I'm taking time over the next two weeks to try a few new things. I wish all my children would be here every night. The upside to a nest getting emptier is that the food budget is stretching farther. The downside? Too many to list, including that it was more exciting to feed six than three or four.

Anyway, I am attempting some recipes I found in Food Network magazine (Jan/Feb 2012), Cooking Light (March 2012), Facebook Friends, and adding some classic standby favorites of ours.

Monday -- Lowfat Veggie Quiche
Tuesday-- Spaghetti and Meatballs w/ Foccacia Bread
Wednesday-- Guy Fieri's Ginger-Carrot Soup, artichoke & pea salad, whole grain bread
Thursday--Chicken Marsala, flat spiral pasta, garlicky roasted green beans
Saturday- Stuffed Peppers w/ Long Grain Rice
Sunday--Pisolo Rojo
Monday--Fish and Yukon Golds
Tuesday-- date night?? :)O
Weds--Ground Beef Curly Noodles (Beth, per Fb)
Thursday--Cranberry Pork Tenderloin in crock pot


Katharine said...

Oh good for you! I always say I need to revamp my menu... But it never happens!

Susan Kane said...

Wow, Zoanna, I am impressed! With just the 2 of us, I kinda wing it, but try to make something good. Life changed when we became grandparents/empty nesters.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Looks like some interesting meals to me. I've gotten really bad with doing such basic meals most of the time since the kids have been gone and that's been over 15 years. :o) I would be happy with sandwiches the rest of my life. :o) Happy week!

Zoanna said...

Don't be impressed. It's just that I got into a rut and wasn't put much thought into tasty meals lately. The motivation comes and goes, and when it comes, I try to make the most of it.
Our youngest is a little pickier than I'd like him to be (I didn't let the olders get away with it, but I am worn out in my mid40'S!!!) But we all appreciate good eats and when I'm in the mood to cook, it ain't half bad.

Danielle said...

I've been trying to do this too. At least make the meal plan although I still shop once a week just the same (I buy a lot of perishables). I'd like to do better at this and eventually do monthly planning. Maybe I can do so in the summer in preparation for homeschooling in the fall!