Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GratiTuesday, for the Riddance of Pet Peeves

I am thankful beyond words (though somehow I manage to find some) that my Brownie dog appears to have been healed.  (See yesterday's post for de"tails" if you want the full scoop.)

Some of you animal lovers will rejoice with me.
Some of you great housekeepers will rejoice even more.
Some of you might not give a dog's behind about my pet peeves.

Yet, I am happy to report that my old canine unit made it through the night without an accident or an incident. (Accident is #2, incident is #1, by my definition.)  I give God the thanks for the means He
gave to heal her:

-the nutritional wisdom via text from my animal-whisperer of a sister, Andrea, who advised me to boil chicken and rice, enough for three days' meals for Brownie.  I had forgotten this was the vet's advice when Reilly had distressed bowels from being kenneled during the wedding weekend.  She also said it was safe to give a Pepto pill . (Andrea used to be a vet tech so I trust her on all animal matters.)

-my daughter's recollection that the vet had prescribed an anti-diarrheal pill for Reilly, and there were two left over. I gave them to Brownie, one last night, one this morning.

-the rice I "just happened to have on hand" from Chinese carry-out on Sunday.  Rice is not liked well enough at my house to be kept as a pantry staple, but I had enough to combine for Brownie's first two chicken-and-rice meals to stabilize her bowels.  (The only Rice my kids get excited about is Ray Rice, the Raven.)

-my Facebook friends who care enough to pray for me, even the ones who dislike dogs or pets and can't fathom mothering one through the night or putting up with their literal crap

-prayers of other friends who texted their concerns

--immune systems and rest


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Goodness, you're going to have pets from all over showing up at your door wanting you as their owner. So, so glad that Brownie is on the road upwards.

As I've said before, you could be a stand up comic and I'd be sitting on the front row laughing my head off at your humor. Love it!

Joyce said...

Glad Brownie is on the mend!

Anonymous said...

You certainly had a "full scoop" or two... so glad it appears to be over.

Zoanna said...

Lea, I really only love dogs. I have loved a few cats, but am allergic to them now and have no desire to own one. But certain dogs speak to me. As for the humor, if I don't laugh, I would cry about much of the stuff life brings. I don't always laugh in the moment, but am glad I can find humor at most things...later. My family doesn't think I'm all that funny.

Zoanna said...

Thanks, Joyce. Me, too. Delores, "full scoop" has taken on a whole new meaning.

Laurie said...

Good news! I was reminded of Buffy… Buffy was an elderly Beagle who lived next door with her elderly owner, Mrs. O.. Mrs. O. gave her Buffy cooked chicken and canned food as a steady diet. It was a common conversation when our girls and I would pop over to see Mrs. O.: "Hello Mrs. O! Are you cooking chicken for Buffy?" (We could tell because it was usually burning on the stove!)
She'd say, "Oh dear! I forgot the chicken!"

We just had Basmati Rice for supper! We love that and Jasmine! )If you don't want to give up rice- try those! The scent and flavor are wonderful!)