Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weary and Thirsty

I am weary
been carrying burdens far too long
that were never meant to be carried
by anyone but Jesus

My soul thirsts for you in a dry and weary land
the psalmist said
and I repeat
my soul thirsts for You in a dry and weary land.

Wash me 
Rinse me
Refill me
My cup hasn't run over since
I can't remember when

I used to love  You
with much more of my heart
soul, mind, and strength
But my heart has been broken over and over
my soul, barren, sits like  dryrotted driftwood upon a salty sea
my mind swirls with what-ifs and remember-whens
my strength has vanished like yesterday's sunset
and I need
oh how I need

Take the burdens
Saturate my soul
Slake my thirst
Satisfy my hunger
Mend my broken heart
Train my thoughts, lasso them
Renew my strength from the inside
With Your love
Oh how I need
Your love to pour into me
over me
around me
so that I have
to pour out.

Your promises never fail
You say what You will do
and  You will do what You say.
Renew a right spirit within me.
Forgive my iniquities.
Fill me with Your Spirit.
Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
Show me Your path.
Lead me in Your truth.
I am hungry
Come to me, sweet Jesus. Come to me or take me to You.
I need You.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a great read for this Sunday morning! Blessings!

Danielle said...

Beautiful! I can identify with much of what you share.

Laurie said...