Saturday, August 18, 2012

How Many Shirts Does One Man Need?

After getting rid of a mass quantity of my own clothes last year, and a few more "eh" pieces a few weeks ago, I looked at my husband's side of the closet. He has a lot of shirts there. And not only there, but also hanging in the basement.  Mind you, they all hang neatly, but still....

I asked him how many  shirts he needs. Serious question, because he has  a "thing" for buying shirts the way I used to have a "thing" for buying costume jewelry.   High quality, low cost, but still....

Not satisfied with the number I gave him, he said, "Ask on your blog! Let's see what other people say." 

Let me give you a summary of his lifestyle that calls for various shirts:

1. He works in corporate America, wearing business casual almost daily.
2. Sometimes he has to wear a suit and tie.
3. He plays guitar on our worship team at church, and wears business casual for that, or sometimes dresses down to a polo and jeans.
4. He works out or runs six days a week.  He wears a T-shirt for  that.
5. He's a handyman but seldom paints.
6. He never goes shirtless, and never wears an undershirt around the house.
7. He travels a few times a year for work. Wardrobe is suit and tie and/or biz cazh, depending on the reason for travel.

Given those factors, how many shirts do you think he NEEDS? 

How many short-sleeved dress shirts? How many T-shirts? How many long- sleeved shirts? How many polos?  


Anonymous said...

Seven of everything.

Danielle said...

I don't know! My own man has is OWN issues with this! But the thing is he only wears a few choice shirts but still claims to need the rest!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure this out for myself. I really like different shirts, but it can really get out of hand. I have made a new rule, for every shirt I buy, I have to donate two shirts to charity from my existing supply. I now have less desire to buy shirts as I don't want to give up the ones I really like!