Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Jottings

No time for a full-length post. Some of you are saying 'thank you."  You're' welcome.

Once again, my ever-present list to fall back on:

1 . Today is my daughter's first day back to school. She is in first grade. As a teacher!  Loves it.
I overheard this conversation this morning as she and her brother (21) were getting ready for work.

Her: I am so excited today! 
Him: Glad someone is.
Her: Hey. You chose the money, I chose the joy!

2.  I go back today for Teacher Prep Week. Gotta see what supplies, if any, we have to work with.
I will be teaching 10th and 11th grade art. This will be a first for me. I've taught high school Enghsh before, but this is brand new territory. Send up a prayer!

3. While you're praying, please remember my parents.  My mom had eye surgery on Friday and has been in tremendous pain ever since. Nausea, too. My dad called last night asking ( begging?) me to pray right then and there over the phone. I've never seen him cry, but I can just about hear it in his voice when he is beside himself. He is so tenderhearted and caring, he would do anything to take the pain so she doesn't have to bear it. I've always said my daddy is Jesus with skin on. My parents are going to the surgeon today (as I type this) for the scheduled follow-up visit. I hope he can offer some practical help and guidance. The first eye surgery (other corneal transplant) went very well. I hope the donor tissue isn't being rejected. I offered to go over and be with my parents but my dad said there's really nothing I can do  , nothing anyone but God can do to relieve the pain and nausea. Mama couldn't even keep down a dry cracker.

4.  I  had a loverly birthday yesterday. Will post pics when I can.

5. I got my hair cut on Saturday after holding out for two months. I booked the appointment two months ago (that's how popular this guy is) based on a friend's high recommendation. Her hair always looks great after Mario cuts it, but she can only afford him once a year .So I thought I would treat myself to a whoopdee doo haircut and style but forgot to ask how much it would be.   Don't EVER EVER EVER make that mistake.   I was sitting in the chair and this guy is nice and professional, not chit chatty at all, so to fill the silence I asked, "How much is a haircut and blowdry, anyway?"  His answer ?  Eighty-five dollars. 

Yes. 85. That's not a typo. I could not enjoy the haircut one more second after that. In fact, I started
having bowel distress thinking of my sponsor child whose family makes $180 a month for a family of five in Brazil. I literally felt I was committing  a sin.   The hair? Yes, it's nice, but not 85 dollars nice.
I came home and  my hubby said, "I thought you were getting a hair cut."  ERRGH.  To make   matters worse, I was late to the appointment because it never occurred to me that this was Moving In Weekend up in collegetown where the salon in.  Plus there was a water main break in front of one of the campus. Couple that with a bottleneck roundabout and metered parking. I did impress myself with my parallel parking skills, however. Normally I am challenged by perpendicular parking, but God's angels steered my van right between a Mercedes and a Honda CRV and no one got bumped!

Ththththhth that's all folks, Happy Monday. Don't mind my typos. I am not wearing glasses and I'm in a rip roaring hurry .

 I guess I can make a full length post out of a list, after all, can't I? :(


Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

GheeZ! that makes my $60 for a cut and color sound really good. My sister in law pays $120 for her haircuts in Atlanta. I almost had a stroke when she told me that. That is a sin for sure!

I do hope your sweet Momma got some relief today. Nausea in any shape, form or fashion is AWFUL!!

Enjoyed your Monday Jottings!

Laurie said...

Congrats to Sarah!
You’re teaching high school art! Fun!
Your Mom and Dad are in my prayers. Sweet relief and no pain!
Happy late birthday! I’ve thought about it coming up, but I can’t seem to follow through on gettin it together!
85 Bucks!! Ouch! I am SO glad you did not get a cut you hate, but disappointed about unoticed results! I also got my hair cut (twice) which is a long- well actually very short- story! Two cuts for $30.00. You might say that’s a bargain, but it wasn’t what I’d bargained for! 

“I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”
Galations 2:20