Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thrilled to Perform. Not.

A few weeks ago our youngest participated in his first ever piano recital. Doesn't he looked thrilled?  I didn't take pictures while he was playing in case that would mess him up or make him nervous.  His teacher is a very talented young lady
whose mom and I are coffee buddies. We chat on the back screened-in porch during the lesson.
Our son wants to quit piano, but he has a gift for it, so we are "forcing" him to
keep with it even though Miss Natalie is moving soon. 


Tina Leigh said...

My husband & his siblings all took lessons growing up. None of them regret it now.
Your son is handsome!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, this brings back such memories. My Mom forced me to take piano for almost 10 years and my heart was never in it so I didn't do all that well. Of course, I lived to regret that after it was too late. Maybe your son will realize his talent and make the most of it. I do hope so!

Laurie said...

Yay Joel!