Tuesday, July 09, 2013

An Answered Prayer

Every wedding plan has its share of problems, things unexpected that can really turn a bride and her mom upsidedown.

Or force them to their knees in prayer, as the case may be here.

Two weeks before our son's wedding, we found out that the place Steve and Ambrey had originally chosen  (last fall) for First Look pictures was now NOT going to work.  The place was an old historical mill--five minutes from the church-- and that particular Saturday there would be a Civil War re-enactment.    Symbolism aside, there were other major challenges.  We could  still go, but at $7 per person admission.  And the traffic would be "a whole 'nother thing."

I personally was not looking forward to trying to maneuver--in nice shoes and long gown--on the rocky, soggy terrain.   (Thank you, abundant  June rains.)   The mill sits in a valley near a stream, for obvious reasons, and is an ideal setting for photographs otherwise.

But I kept my mouth shut. It wasn't my wedding.

The bride, her mom, and we began to ask God for Plan B. The photos were of utmost importance , and a beautiful, old stone place with lots of shade trees and natural beauty were exactly what Ambrey had her heart set on. But where besides the mill --within 15 minutes of the church--would fit the bill?

She asked on Facebook and it was my daughter, actually, who thought of this place. It sits high on a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape.  The grand stone home was built in the late 1700s, surrounded by a canopy of century-old oak trees. And, for the sake of all of us in heels and long gowns, plenty of flagstone paths and a parking lot adjacent.

God has a way of giving us our heart's desire--and then some.

Stay tuned.

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